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O: fascia over the nasal bone and the lateral nasal cartilage
I: skin between the eyes
Corrugator Supercilli
O: Frontal bone near the nasal suture
I: Between the eyebrows
orbicularis Oculi
O: Frontal bone, maxillary bone and medial palpebral ligament
I: encircles the eye extending into the eyelids
O: lateral 2/3 of highest nuchal line and mastoid portion of the temporal bone
I: gale aponeurotica
O: galea aponeuratica
I: fascia of eyebrows
temporal poroparietalis
O: fascia over the ear
I: insert into the skin fascia higher up
O; fascia over the pectorals major and deltoid muscles
I: angle lower mouth (mandable, does not move it though)
O: temporal fassa
I: cornoid process and the ramus of the mandable
O: zygomatic arch
I: angle and ramous of mandable
A: closes jaw
medial prenygoid
O: pterygoid plate of sphenoid and maxilla
I: inner mandible at the angle
A: closes jaw
Lateral pterygoid
O: superiour head of great wing, inferior head, pterygoid plate of sphenoid
I: mandible below condyle
orbicularis oris
O: maxilla, mandible, nasal setptum and other muscles around mouth.
I: mouth
O: Medial mandible near chin
I: tounge
O; Body and greater cornu of hyoid
I: tounge
O: soft palate
I: tounge
O: styloid process of temporal bone
I: tounge
O1: menubrium- sternal head
O2: medial clavicle - clavicle head
I: mastoid process of temporal
O1: anterior bellt, inner mandible
O2: posterior belly - mastoid
I: hyoid bone via intermediate tendon
O: styloid process of the temporal bone
I: hyoid bone
O: inner mandible
I: hyoid bone
O: inner mandible at chin
I: hyoid bone
O: menubriom and medial clavicle
I: hyoid bone
O: menubrio and 1st costal cartilage
I: thyroid cartilage of larynx
O: thyoid cartilage larynx
I: hyoid bone
O: superior border scapula
I: hyoid bone
anterior scalene
O: transverse process c3-c6
I: 1st rib
middle scalene
O: transvrese process c2-c6
I: 1st rib
posterior scalene
O: transverse process of c4-c6
I: 2nd rib
longus capitus
O: anterior tuberacles tranverse processes c3-c6
I: base occipital bone
longus colli
) anterior tuberacles of transverse processes c3-c5 and anterior vetebral bodies c5-t3
I: anterior arch of the atlas the vetebral bodies c2-c4 and transverse processes c5-c6
Splenius group
O: spinius processes of upper throacic vert. and c7 and LIGAMENTUM NUCHAE
I: occipital bone, mastoid processes of c1-c3
O: transverse processes t12-c7
I: spinous processes c2-t4 and occipital bone
spinalis group
O: spinious processes of upper lumber vertebrae, lower throacic and c7
I: spinous processes of upper toracis and cervicle vertebrae
iliocostalis group
O: crest of scrum, spinous processes of lumber and lower thoracic vertebrae, and iliac crest and ribs
I: angles of the ribs and transverse processes of cervicle vertbrae
Longissimus group
O: transverse processes of lumbar, thoracic and lower cervicle vertebrae
I: transverse processed of next vertebrae up and mastiod process of temporal bone
O: transverse process all vertebrae
I: transverse process of next vertebrae up
O: superior surface of all spinous processes
I: inferior surface next spinous processes up
O: transverse process of all vertebrae
I: short base of spinous process 1 vert up.
I2: long; base spinous process 2 vert up
Multifidus *
O: back sacrum, post iliac spine, sacroiliam ligament, mammilary process, transverse process of thoracic vert. articular surface c7-c4
I: superficial fasicles, spinous processes 4-5 vert up middle fasicles, spinous processes 3 vert up, deep fasicles, spinous processes 2 vert up
diapragm *
O: xiphoid process, inner lower 6 ribs, lumbar vertabrae
I: central tendon
external intercostals
O: inferior border at ribs & costal cartilage
I: superior border of next rib down
internal intercostals.
O: ridge of inner surface each rib
I: superior border next rib down
transverse thoracis
O: inner body of sternum & xiphoid process
I: intercostal cartilage
external abdominal oblique
O: external lower 8 ribs
I: linea alba and anterior 1/2 of illiac crest
internal abdominal oblique
O: inguinal ligament, iliac crest and lumbodorsal fascia
I: linea alba, pubic crest and ribs 9-12
transvers abdominus:
O: inguinal ligament, iliac crest, lumbodorsal fascia and costal cartilage ribs 7-12
I: linea alba and pubic crest
O pubic crest
I: xiphoid process and costal cartilage of ribs 5-7
quadratus lumborum *
O: iliac crest and iliolumbar ligament
I: lower border of rib 12 and transverse proces of upper lumber vert
serratus posterior inferior
O: spinous process t10-t13
I: inferior borders of ribs 8-12
O: spinishium sacrospinalis
I: sides of coccyx and sacrum
ilioccygeus and puboccocygeus
O: ischial spine and inner ramos pubis bone
I: inner coccyx
external anal sphinctor
O: perineal body and coccyx
male: O perineal body and median raphe
I: encircles penis
female O: perineal body
I: passes on either side of vagina base of clitoris
ischiocavernosus DOESNT HAVE PERINEAL
O: tuberosity and ramos ischium
I: crus of penis / clitoris
superficial transverse perineus
O: tuberosity of ischim
I: perineal
male only: deep transverse peroneus
O: inferior rami ischium
I perineal body and mediam raphe
compressor urethrae female only
O ischipudic rami
I: like fibers on opposite side ventral urethra
sphinctor urethrae
O: encirlces urethrae
sphinctor urethavaginali
O: perineal body
I" fibers proceed on either side of vagina nd urethra