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what are the main branches that the face gets sensory innervation from
1. Opthalmic division of trigeminal nerve (V1)
2. Maxillary division of trigeminal nerve (V2)
3. Mandibular division of trigeminal nerve (V3)
4. Great auricular nerve
what are the nerves of V1
V1 = Opthalmic division
-Palpebral branch of lacrimal nerve
-External nasal branch
what are the nerves of V2
V2= Maxillary division
-Infraorbital (inferior palpebral, lateral nasal, and superior labial)
what are the nerves of V3
V3= Mandibular division
what are the branches of the facial nerve
Twin Zebra Bit My Calf
-temporal branches
-zygomatic branches
-buccal branches
-mandibular branch
-cervical branch
what muscles does the temporal branch innervate
-orbicularis oculi
-anterior and superior auricular
what muscles does the zygomatic branch innervate
-obicularis oculi
what muscles does the buccal branches innervate
-depressor septi
-zygomaticus minor and major
-levator labii superioris
-levator labii superioris alaque nasi
-obicularis oculi
what muscles does the cervical branch innervate
what are all pharengeal arch muscles
special visceral efferent (SVE)
what does the external carotid artery divide into
facial artery and superficial temporal artery
what are the branches of the facial carotid artery
1. inferior labial
2. superior labial
3. lateral nasal
4. angular
5. muscular branches
what are the branches of the superficial temporal artery
1. transverse facial
2. branches to parotid gland
3. anterior auricular branch
4. middle temporal branches
5. zygomaticoorbital branch
6. frontal branch
7. parital branches
what does the maxillary artery branch into
1. infraorbital-facial branches
2. buccal
3. inferior alveolar
what are the branches of the opthalmic artery
1. supraorbital
2. supratrochlear
3. dorsal nasal
4. zygomaticofacial
what does the faical vein branch into
1. angular
2. lateral nasal
3. superior labial
4. inferior labial
5. deep facial
what are the veins of clinical imporance
1. cavernous sinus - communication with face
2. superior opthalmic vein
3. pterygoid venous plexus
4. emissary veins