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what blood cell is not nucleated, lacks mitochondrion, and functions to transport oxygen to the cells of the body (RBC)
this white blood cell's basic function is protection, has nucleus and usual organelles
this class of WBCs contain special membrane bounded granules, the granules contain hydrolic enzymes
these WBCs are granulcytes and are about twice the size of RBCs. their nucleus stains deeply and will usually have 3 to 6 lobes. they function to ingest and dispose of bacteria and fungi.
this WBC is a granulocyte, the granules are larger than those in the neutrophiles, they function to attack parasitic worms, flatworms, and round worms, and they also phagocytize foreign proteins during allergy attacks
this is a granulocyte and is the rarest of WBCs, the granules contain histomine and act to dilate blood vessels during the inflammation process
this class of WBCs lack special membrane bounded granules
this agranulocyte is the smallest WBC, the nucleus is usually round or slightly oval, they function to mediate the immune responses, including antibody antigen reactions
this is an agranulocyte, the nucleus is usually oval or kidney shaped, they function as phagocytes and may be fixed or wandering macrophages
blood type A can donate to ____ and receive from____
A & AB, A & O
blood type B can donate to ____ and receive from ____
B & AB, B & O
blood type AB can donate to ____ and receive from ____
AB, all
blood type O can donate to ____ and receive from ____
all, O
how to you calculate pulse pressure?
systolic - diastolic
the pressure of a gas in a closed container is negatively related to the container's volume, is whose law?
what measures respiratory rates?
____ is the volume of one breath during normal quiet breathing
tidal volume
the averge tidal volume is ___ml
____ ____ ______ is the volume of air inspired in a minute and is calculated by multiplying the tidal volume by normal breathing rate
minute volume repiration
____ ______ ___ is the volume of air per minute that reaches the alveoli
alveolar ventilation
_____ _____ ____ is the amount of air that can be inspired by taking a very deep breath
inspiratory reserve volume