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Name the muscles of mastication:
What is the function of these mms: Masseter/Temporalis?
What nerve runs through the parotid gland and in what direction?
The facial N. gives off branches in an ant. direction when it passes under what structure?
What are the branches of the CN VII nerve?
What nerve are these branches derivatives of: Temporal, Zygomatic, Buccal, Mandibular, cervical?
Locate these mms of facial expression in Netter 26 (cover answers): Frontalis, Orbicularis occuli, levator labii superioris, zyomaticus major/minor, Risorius, Platysma, orbicularis oris, buccinator
List the mm of facial expression?
What nerve innervates the mm. of facial expression?
CN VII- Facial N.
What are the divisions of the CN V?
Opthalmic div. (V1)
maxillary div. (V2)
mandibular div. (V3)
What are the branches of the opthalmic div. (V1) of the trigeminal N.? What type of nerve fibers are these?
What nerve do these originate from: Supratrochlear N
Supraorbital N.?
(Locate these netter 24)
What are the layers of the scalp (superficial to deep)?
Loose CT
What is the branch of the maxillary div. (V1) of the trigeminal N? What type of nerve fibers are these?
What nerve does this originate from: Infraorbital N.?
(locate Netter 24)
What are the branches of the Mandibular Div. (V3) of the Trigeminal N.? and what type of fibers are these?
What nerve do these originate from: Mental N., Buccal N?
locate in netter 24