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What does lipase need in order to cleave fat?
What is an ulcer?
-errosion of the stomach and/or pylori wall
What are the 4 causes of ulcers?
-lack of mucus
-excess HCL
-too much protiases
-Helicobactor Pylori (breaks down mucus)
What happens when ulcers are not treated?
-acid can eat through organs
Why do you need mucus in the stomach?
-to protect from abrasion
-protect stomach wall from acid
What happens when you don't have enough mucus?
-ulcers form
What do villi of the small intestines do?
-collect nutrients and trasports them to capillaries
What can't capillaries of the small intestines absorb?
Where do fats get absorbed?
-at lactile (lymphatic vessel)
Why can't fats get absorbed in capillaries?
-too bulky to go through walls of tiny vessels
Where do fats get transported to? What transports them there?
-goes straight to liver for refining by thoracic duct
Where do fats go after passign through the liver?
-get dumpped into subclavian vein and gets spread to entire body
Where does fat get broken down?
-at celiac trunk
Why do fats get spread aroudn the body?
-can't break up fat all at once
-gets diluted
Why do chief cells produce pesinogen?
-if there is too many active forms of pepsin, you'd digest yourself
-cleaves proteins
-proteisn are main molecules of cells
What is one type of molecule that the stomach absorbs into its walls?
What are gastric pits?
-place where enzymees are secreted by specific cells
What are the cells within in the gastric pits and their order from superficial to deep?
1.simple columnar cells/surface mucus cells
2. neck cells
3. parietal cells
4. chief cells
5. enteroendocrine cells
6. stem cells
When do gastric pit cells get replaced?
-every 6-8 days
What is vitamin B12 and how does it get abosrbed in the body?
-helps make stronger erythrocytes to carry more oxygen
-can't be absorbed in intestines
-intrinsic factor transports across intestinal wall
What is the duodenum?
-connects directly to stomach
-10 inches long
-1 inch in diameter
-mixes stoamch fluids, bile, and enzymes from pancreas and inself
What is the jejunum?
-3.5 inches long
-place where most absorption occurs
-uses peristalsis and segmentation the most
What is the ileum?
-6.5 inches long
-remainder of absorption occurs
-"clean up" area for excretion
What does the large intestines absorb?