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What does the R Atrioventricular Valve do and what is it made of?
-valve that controls blood flow from R atrium to R ventricle
-made of simple squamous cells
-"tricuspid" valve
What are chordae tendineae and what does it do?
-collagenous fibers
-opens and closes atrioventricular valve
What do papillary muscles do and what happens when it contracts?
-anchors chordae tendineae
-valve closes when muscle contract
Where is the pulmonary semilunar valve located?
-b/t pulmonary valve trunk and right ventricle
What does the left atrioventricular valve do?
-controls blood flow from left atrium to l ventricle
-"bicuspid" valve
Where is the aortic semilunar valve located?
-b/t aorta and left ventricle
What happens when ventricles are being filled with blood?
-semilunar valves close
-AV valves open
Where does ventricular contraction begin and what happens?
-at the apex
-AV valves close
-semi lunar valves open
What are semilunar valves?
-3 little cups in each valve
-open when ventricles contract
-don't need tendineae
What happens when you ehar the lub part of a heart beat?
-closing of the AV valves
What happens when you hear the dub part of the heart beat?
-closing shut of semilunar valves
What are nodal tissue?
-modified caridac muscle
What is the sinoatrical node?
-starts impulse
-known as the SA node or "pacemaker"
What is the atrioventricular node?
-receives impulse from SA node
-guides impulses to interventricular septum
-known as AV node
What is the atriventricular bundle?
-carries impulse through itnerventricular septum
-splits into left and right bundles
What are parkinge fibers?
-like little neurons
-carries impulses out to ind. caridac muscles cells