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What does an angioplasty do?
-"balloon treatment"
-run catheter up femora artery to blocked artery
-balloon is infalted to depress plaque
What does a stent do?
-same as angioplasty
-but also insert wire screen after plaque is depressed to hold in place
Why is it better to stick the catheter up the leg rather than the arm?
-Leg has a larger artery
-smaller chance to damage artery
Why do we have sinuses in the cranium?
-drains the head w/o having pressure
-to reduce blood pressure
-pressure lower in large vessicle
Why does your body have multiple organs with multiple sources of blood?
-Nature's safty device
-if one is blocked, blood comes from another source
Where does the aorta flow blood to?
-down center of body cavity
What does the aorta split into?
-the external and internal illiacs
What part of the aorta feeds the liver, stomach, etc?
-the celiac trunk
What provides the intestines with blood?
-the superior and inferior messentaric arteries
What is the hepatic portal system and what does it do?
-venous drainage system for the intestines
-collects nutrients (blood) and directs them towards liver (intestines to liver)
-lympathic system picks up lipids