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When are there functional neurons in a fetus?
-by 14 days, a day or so after implantation, there are functional neurons
When does a 3 section brain develope?
2 weeks after the neurons begin to function.
When does a 5 section brain develope?
1 weeks after 3 section brain developes, 5 weeks altogether
What's orientation to the nervous system?
your position relative to the environment
What's co-ordination to the nervous system?
The organization of a response.
What's assimilation to the nervous system?
Gathering of information into thought or perception.
What's the instinct or emotional behavior of the nervous system?
It's how we act or feel towards the environment or response.
What are the 4 functions of the nervous system?
1. orientation
4.Emotional behavior
What do convolutions do?
-they create more surface area
What are the Gyrus?
ridges on brain surface
What are the sulcus?
valleys b/t gyra
What is a fissure?
deep and/or wide sulcus
What is the central sulcus?
-sulcus that starts at the top of the brain and ends at the lateral fissure
What are the 5 lobes of the cerebrum?
1. frontal
2. Parietal
3. Occipital
4. Temporal
5. Insula
Where is the Frontal lobe located and what is its function?
- located from front of brain to cnetral sulcus and the top to lateral fissure
- contains cognitive ability, personality, most memory, and initiates motor impulses
Where is the Parietal lobe located and its function?
-Located from central culcus to parietoccipital fissure adn top to lateral fissure
-receives most sensory information
Where is the occipital lobe located and it's function?
-parietoccipital fissure to posterior
-receive and analyse visual stimuli
Where is the temporal lobe located and its functions?
-below lateral fissure and around ear
-most visual memory
-center for olfaction (receive and analyze smell)
Where is the Insula located and its functions?
-interior of brain
-smallest lobe
-gustatory center (taste stimuli)
-general memory
What is the corpus callosum?
-largest and most principle area of major communication b/t hemispheres
What are ventricles?
-hollow spaces
-filled with CSP
What is the function and location of the post-central gyrus?
-sensory association area
-first gyrus of parietal lobe
-initiates impulses to skeletal muscles
What is the function and location of the pre-central gyrus?
-motor association area
-last gyrus of frontal lobe
What is the Brocas Area and which lobe does it exist in?
-info transferred from wernicke area and decides which muscles to use to express speech
-exists in the frontal lobe
What is the Wernicke's area and its location?
-collects sensory impulses and feeds info into the gnostic area, which chooses the words and order for speech.
-exists mostly in the temporal lobe but also in the occipital and parietal lobe
What is the order of impulse travel for speech?
Wernicke Area (gnostic area)---->arculate femiculus--->Brocas Area----> pre-central gyrus----> cerebellum---->uses diaphram to exhale for speech and moves tongue and mouth to produce it
What are cranial nerves?
-nerves to and from brain
What are the primary cortex areas?
-places where impulses arrive
What are the Association areas?
-places where impulses are interpreted
How do impulses travel through the Occipital lobe?
- visual images received in cortex
-interpreted in association area
How do impulses travel through the temporal lobe?
-the auditory cortex receives sound impulses
-the association area interprets sounds
How do impulses travel through the parietal lobe?
-most bodily impulses arrive in the somatosensory cortex
-analyzed in association area
-impulses sent to frontal lobe
How do impulses travel through the Frontal lobe?
-impulses from parietal lobe arrive in pre-motor cortex
-initates motor response
What does the cerebellum do?
-coordinates motor impulses
What is the Arculate femiculas (bundle)?
-runs from gnostic to brocas area
What's the anatomy of the internal brain?
-cerebral cortex
-grey matter
-white matter
-association tracts
-commissural tracts
-projection tracts
-decussation tracts
What is grey matter made up of, its functions, and its location?
-consists of nerve cell bodies and unmyelinated dendrites and axons and cerebral nuclei
-carries emotions, memory, and intelligence
What is white matter made up of, its functions?
-consists of myelnated axons
-made of lipid
-omega 3 fatty acids make up myelin
-also includes corpus collosum
-cerebral nuclei exist here but actually greay matter
-does impulse transmission
What does cerebal nuclei do?
-swinging of arms while wlaking
-blinking eyes
What is muscle tone?
-minimal nerve stimulation required to keep relaxed muscle functional