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name the paired parietal branches and what they vascularize
1. inferior phrenic arteries - blood flow to inferior surface of diaphragm and suprarenal glands
2. lumbar arteries (L1-L4) - posterior abdominal wall
name the unpaired parietal branch and what it vascularizes
median sacral artery - pelvic wall
*found at the bifurcation of the abdominal aorta
name the visceral paired branches of ab aorta and what they vascularize
1. middle suprarenal arteries - adrenal gland
2. renal arteries - kidneys and adrenal gland
3. gonadal (testicular or ovarian) - gonads
name the visceral unpaired branches and how they communicate with each other
1. celiac trunk
2. superior mesenteric artery
3. inferior mesenteric artery

communicate via anastomoses
name 2 places that anastomoses occurs
1. between Right and Left Gastric Arteries
2. between Right and Left Gastroepiploic Arteries
what does the celiac trunk supply blood to
stomach, spleen, lower esophagus, gall bladder, duodenum, pancreas
what does the celiac trunk branch off to and what does each branch vascularize
1. left gastric artery - lower esophagus and stomach
2. splenic artery - spleen, pancreas, stomach
3. common hepatic artery - gall bladder, duodenum, pancrease, liver, stomach
what does the left gastric artery branch off to
1. esophageal branch
2. gastric branch
what does the splenic artery branch off to
1. pancreatic branch
2. short gastric branch
3. left gastroepiploic branch
what does the common hepatic artery branch off to
1. gastrodoudenal branch
- superior pancreaticoduodenal
- right gastroepiploic arteries
2. right gastric artery
3. hepatic artery proper
- right/left hepatic artery
what is the cystic artery
a branch of the right hepatic artery
what does the superior mesenteric artery vascularize
duodeum, jejunum, ileum, Cecum,
Appendix, Transverse colon, Pancreas, Ascending Colon
*small intestine parts, cat, pac
what are the main branches of the superior mesenteric arteries
1. inferior pancreaticoduodenal
2. intestinal branches (jujunal or ileal)
3. Ileocolic artery - supplies cecum, ileum, appendix
4. middle colic - supplies transverse colon
5. right colic - supplies ascending colon
what type of arteries extend from the cecum to the colon
mariginal arteries - an anastomic channel which links the arteries of the superior and inferior mesenteric arteries.

****important for collateral circulation
what does the inferior mesenteric artery vascularize
sigmoid colon, upper rectum, transverse colon, descending colon

what are the branches of the inferior mesenteric artery and what does each vascularize
1. left colic artery - transverse and descending colon
2. sigmoidal branches - sigmoid colon
3. superior rectal artery - superior part of rectum
what 2 arteries supply blood to the rectum
1. superior rectal artery
2. internal iliac artery
what 2 ways can venous blood be drained
via the hepatic portal vein or the inferior vena cava
characteristics of hepatic portal vein
1. formed by...
2. what drains INTO THIS vein
3. what does this vein DRAIN INTO
1. formed by union of splenic and superior mesenteric VEINS.
2. Things that drain INTO hepatic portal vein:
- digestive tract and associated glands
- LEFT and RIGHT gastric veins (actually one continuous loop - collateral circulation)

3. the hepatic portal vein DRAINS into the liver which then drains into the inferior vena cava
what drains into the splenic vein which contributes to the hepatic portal vein
inferior mesenteric vein

**shows collateral venous circulation
what drains into the inferior vena cava
-blood from the abdominal wall and the liver

-R/L external and internal iliac veins DRAIN INTO R/L common iliac veins which DRAIN INTO inferior vena cava
which veins drain directly into the inferior vena cava
1. right and left RENAL veins
2. right and left HEPATIC veins
3. right SUPRARENAL vein
4. right GONADAL vein

**left suprarenal and left gonadal vein flow blood into the left RENAL vein which then goes to IVC
explain the esophagus example of how portal and systemic anastomosis works
allows blood to reach the heart in alternative pathways if something like a blockage occurs

- esophagus example
-esophageal vein can drain into AZYGOUS (drains into IVC) or drain into LEFT GASTRIC VEIN (drains into portal vein)

***these esophageal veins are connected through anastomoses
name 2 other portal-systemic anastomosis examples
1. rectum
superior rectal vein (portal) anastomoses with middle and inferior rectal vein (systemic) to drain into INTERNAL ILIAC VEIN

2. Umbilical Region
- paraumbilical vein and the epicastric vein drain into the UMBILICAS