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• intrinsic muscles of larynx control
glottis (controls airway and produces sound)
• extrinsic muscles of larynx help
(infrahyoid mus-cles, suprahyoid muscles, and stylopharyngeus muscle)control the position of the larynx in the neck. Usually, thelarynx is located at vertebral levels C3 to C6
• Thyroid cartilage - the laminae connect in the midline to form
pharyngeal prominence
• Cricothyroid joint is formed by
- inferior horn of thyroid cartilage to cricoid cartilage (synovial joint)
• Cricothyroid muscle job
lengthens the vocal fold by tilting the thyroid cartilage anteriorly, innervated by superior laryngeal nerve (external branch)
• Posterior Cricoarytenoid muscle job
, rotates arytenoid cartilage, abducts vocal folds, only muscle that opens the rima glottidis
• Arytenoid muscle feats
attaches the two arytenoid cartilages together via oblique and transverse fibers, adducts the vocal folds
• Lateral Cricoarytenoid job
adducts vocal folds
• Thyroarytenoid
tilts arytenoid cartilage anteriorly, relaxes the vocal fold
Superior Laryngeal Nerve is a branch of
vagus nerve
Superior Laryngeal nerve internal branch
: provides sensory information to mucosa superior to vocal folds
Superior Laryngeal nerve external branch
innervates the cricothyroid and inferior pharyngeal constrictor m.
Inferior Laryngeal Nerve
- innervates all of larynx muscles except cricothyroid and provides sensory innervation to mucosa inferior of vocal folds
- terminal nerve from recurrent laryngeal nerve (it is renamed after it enters the larynx posterior to the cricothyroid joint
Superior Thyroid Artery
- gives off superior laryngeal branch (enters the larynx via thyrohyoid membrane
Inferior Thyroid Artery
- gives off inferior laryngeal branch (enters the larynx behind the inferior pharyngeal constricter
Rima glottis+vocal fold
• Vestibule is located in
- superior to vestibular folds
• Ventricle located in
depression between vestibular and vocal folds (contains saccule)
• Infraglottic cavity located in
- inferior to vocal folds (leads to trachea)
• Vestibular fold
upper fold, false vocal fold
Vocal fold
true vocal fold, most inferior fold (encloses vocal ligament)