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Levator Scapulae
cervical vertebrae; scapula; elevates scapula
Rhomboid Major
Vertebrae;scapula;adduct scapula
above spine of scapula; humerus; stabilize shoulder joint
below spine of scapula; humerus; stabilize shoulder joint
Teres minor
scapula; humerus; stabilize shoulder joint
Teres major
scapula; humerus; extend, adduct arm
scapula; humerus; stabalize shoulder joint
Rectus abdominis
Pubis; xiphoid, ribs; compress adbdomen
External Oblique
ribs; linea alba, ilium; compress abdomen
Internal oblique
iliac crest;linea alba; compress abdomen
transverse abdominis
ribs; linea alba; compress abdomen
humerus; ulna; flex elbow
humerus; radius; flex elbow
Biceps Brachii
scapula; radius; flex elbow
Triceps Bachii
scapula; ulna; extend elbow
Pronator Teres
humerus;radius;pronate forearm
Flexor Carpi Radialis
humerus; metacarpals; flex wrist
Palmaris Longus
humerus; palm; flex wrist
Flexor carpi ulnaris
humerus; metacarpals; flex wrist
Extensor Carpi radialis
humerus; metacarpals; extend wrist
extensor digitorum
humerus; phalanges; extend fingers & wrist
extensor carpi ulnaris
humerus; metacarpals; extend wrist
gluteus maximus
sacrum; femur; extend thigh
ilium; tibia; flexh thigh & knee
Adductor Longus
pubis; femur; adduct thigh
pubis; tibia; adduct thigh
adductor magnus
ischium; femur; adduct thigh
tensor fascia latae
ilium; ilitibial tract; abduct thigh
rectus femoris
ilium; patellar ligament; extend knee, flex thigh
vastus lateralis
femur; patellar ligament; extend knee
Vastus Medialis
femur; patellar ligament; extend knee
biceps femoris
ischium; tibia; extend thigh, flex knee
ischium; tibia; extend thigh, flex knee
ischium; tibia; extend thigh, flex knee
Tibialis anterior
tibia; metatarsals; dorsiflex
extensor digitorum longus
tibia; phalanges; extend toes, dorsiflex
Peroneus Longus
fibula; metatarsals; plantar flex
tibia; calcaneus via calcaneal tendon; plantar flex
femur; calcaneus via calcaneal tendon