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What are the 4 BIG flaw categories?
Bad assumption, false cause, bad generalization (sample size & not representative) & illegal xlation
What are the other 9 flaw categories?
Appeal to emotion/authority, self-contradictory, false choice, equivocal use of a key term, attacking the speaker, bad analogy, circular, part/whole confusion & bad math
What flaw category is the worst?
Self-contradictory (0%)= False

Always the worst flaw!!!
Describe a False Cause flaw
Any claim of causation in a conclusion or sub-conclusion

*OK in evidence line
*Then/after is not causal
Describe an Illegal Xlation flaw
Illegally taking a suffiency relationship and interpreting a neccesity relationship

*Never illegal xlation in evidence lines
Describe an Appeal to Authority flaw
Bad assumption of credibility to speaker, proponent or source
Describe an Equivocal Use of a Key Term flaw
Two legitimate definition terms
Describe a Circular flaw
Assuming its own conclusion
Describe an Attacking the Speaker flaw
Discrediting speaker, proponent or source
What are the two types of measures in Bad Math flaws?
Relative (%,avg.,fractions, ratios,multiples) & Actual (countings #s