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a dimension of technology in which work activities can be reduced to mechanical steps and participants can follow an objective, computational procedure to solve problems
a completely mechanized manufacturing process in which there is no starting or stopping
Continuous Process Production
the work process that is directly related to the organization's mission
Core Technology
technology characterized by a fairly stable stream of activities but in which the conversion process is not analyzable or well understood
Craft Technologies
technology in which there is substantial variety in the tasks performed, but activities are usually handled on the basis of established formulas, procedures, and techniques
Engineering Technology
using computers to link together manufacturing components such as robots, machines, product design, and engineering analysis to enable fast switching from one product to another
Flexible Manufacturing Systems
a variety of products or services provided in combination to a client
Intensive Technologies
the extent to which departments depend on each other for resources or material to accomplish their tasks
the assignment of goals and tasks to be accomplished by employees
Job Design
the designing of jobs to expand the number of different tasks performed by an employee
Job Enlargement
the designing of jobs to increase responsibilty, recognition, and opportunities for growth and achievement
Job Enrichment
moving employees from job to job to give them a greater variety of tasks and alleviate bordom
Job Rotation
the reduction of the bumber and difficulty of tasks performed by a single person
Job Simplification
the goal of the sociotechnical systems approach, which states that an organization will funtion best only if its social and technical systems are designed to fit the need of one another
Joint Optimization
a manufacturing process characterized by long production runs of standardized parts
Large-batch Production