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What does the pKa of a
Weak acid equal?
the pH at the volume half way to the equivalence Point.
Is the change in pH near
The equivalence point of
A weak/strong titration as
Large as the change in pH
Near the equivalence point
Of a strong/strong titration?
What has a greater titration
Error a strong/strong titration
Or a weak/strong titration?
a weak/strong titration has a greater titration error
What is the pH at the
Equivalence point of a weak
Acid with a strong base?
pH > 7
What is the pH at the
Equivalence point of a weak
base with a strong acid?
pH < 7
What is an acid-base indicator?
Acid-base indicators are substances whose color in
Solution depends upon the pH. They are complex Organic compounds of large molar mass that are
Themselves weak acids or weak bases.
What are the uses of an
Acid-base indicator?
1.) estimate the pH of an unknown solution
2.) determination of the end point in acid-base Titrations
What is the ratio of In- and HIn Determined by?
the [H+] and Ka
What is the transition range of An indicator?
the transition range is the pH range that an indicator Will change within.
What factors affect the Indicator?
temperature, ionic strength, solvents other than
Transition range of a pH water, and colloidal particles.
What do oxidation-reduction
Reactions involve?
the transfer of electrons.
What happens to a species that Is oxidized?
it loses electrons
What happens to a species that Is reduced?
it gains electrons
Oxidizing agents cause oxidation But actually undergo what?
they actually undergo reduction
Reducing agents cause reduction But actually undergo what?
they actually undergo oxidization
What are some good oxidizing
Cl2, O2, and F2
What are some good reducing
Li and Na
What does a positive Eº
Voltage indicate?
a spontaneous reaction
What does a negative Eº
Voltage indicate?
a non-spontaneous reaction