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A brief summary of the information contained in a publication, usually written either by the author or by an indexer who works for the publisher of a preliminary source.
bibliographic citation
The information needed to describe or locate a publication, typically including the author, title, publisher, publication date, page numbers, and a brief abstract.
bulletin board
Internet networks through which members carry on electronic discussions or post information of various types, like announcements of upcoming conferences.
chart essay
A visual presentation that focuses the audience's attention on particular findings from a research study or research review.
In a literature search, a term that the searcher uses to locate publications that have been classified by that term in a preliminary source.
preliminary source
An index or bibliography that cites publications of particular types or on particular topics.
primary source
A publication written by the individual or individuals who actually conducted the research or witnessed the events that are presented in the publication.
A written document on the findings of a particular researcher.
secondary source
A publication in which the author reviews research or other work that was carried out or witnessed by someone else.