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What are the characteristics of acute pain?
Usually temporary & often the result of injury
What are the characteristics of chronic pain?
Pain that persists for more than 3-6 months and threatens to disrupt the patient's normal activities
What is the definition of pain?
An unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with or described in terms of actual or potential tissue damage
What is a pain receptor?
A peripheral nerve, organ or mechanism for the perception and transmission of painful or injurious stimuli
What is a pain receptor's other name?
Free nerve endings/nociceptors
What sensory nerve fiber delivers fast pain?
A Delta
What sensory nerve fiber delivers slow pain?
What are the characteristics of slow pain?
What are the characteristics of fast pain?
Sharp, pricking
What is the pain tract in the spinal cord?
Spinothalamic tract
What is another term for gate control theory?
Afferent pain inhibition/rub the hurt
What can an MT do to reduce pain?
Rub the hurt
What are endangerment sites?
Nerves, blood vessels, organs, lymph nodes
What is hypoalgesia?
Diminished pain
What is hyperalgesia?
Increased pain
What is analgesia?
Absence of pain