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As a technician, if you are to maintain complex
weapons systems, where must you obtain the
required information?
Technical publications.
What manual provides guidance on maintaining
technical manuals?
NAVAIR 00-25-100, Naval Air Systems Command, Technical Manual
What are the two general styles of technical
Military Specifications and commercial.
Technical manuals are divided into how many
major types and what are they?
Two major types-operational and maintenance.
How are workpackage (WP) manuals divided?
By function and task
What are the three primary elements for usability
in a manual?
Visible lock-on format, logical arrangement structure, and quick
In a work package type manual, what is the
irformation that appears in the upper right
corner of each page?
The 7-digit WP number and the page within the work package
What is the difference between a change and a
revision of a technical manual?
A change issues correction pages for an existing technical manual, and a
revision is the complete reissue of the entire technical manual with the
changes incorporated.
What reporting system allows fleet input to
technical manual changes?
Technical publication deficiency reporting program.
What are the two types of publication
Routine and Rapid Action Changes.
What is the purpose of the "A" page in a
To help the user insert new pages and maintain a record of current pages.
Difference data sheets are used for what
To allow data to be added or changed without making a direct impact on
existing information.
In a WP manual, where can you find information
for all changed revised, added or deleted work
The numerical index of effective work packages.
How are illustrations and tables added
between existing items and how are they
Capital letter suffixes are added to the number of the preceding illustration
or table.
What is the function of the Rapid Action Change
To expedite the dissemination of urgent operation and maintenance change
How many numbering systems are currently in
use by NAVAIR and what are they?
Two. The NAVAIR (NA) numbering system and the newer Technical Manual
Identification Numbering System (TMlNS).
What part of the NAVAIR numbering system can
the category of the publication be found?
Part I.
The standard TMINS number is made up of how
many distinct parts and what are they?
Two. The publication identifier (PI) and the suffix.
The two-digit subject serial number is what
group of the PI?
The third group.
What are the last six positions in the publication
identifier (PI) called?
The technical manual (TM) identifier.