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Eros is the same person as _____
The name Psyche means ________
The name Amor means________
Love, desire, relationship, sexual energy
Amor is _____________, not the guy in the relationship
the relationship itself
What is Amor and Psyche's child's name?
Pleasure (Voluptas)
If you want to have PLEASURE in your life, you have to have_______+________
Soul, love/desire (Eros and Psyche)
The Goddess Venus is ____________
True Beauty
Psyche waiting on the crag, her family having a "funeral" is symbolic of___________
The death of a little girld, the birth of a woman
When the wind from the west sweeps psyche up and away, this is symbolic of___________
the image of falling in love.
Falling in love can also represent ______, that is part of why Psyche's family has a "funeral" marriage for her.
Why does Amor not want Psyche to know who he is?
His mother Venus would be angry
the word "horny" comes from the god____________
What is Psyche's 1st task given by Venus?
She has to sort seeds
How is Psyche able to sort all of the seeds?
Ants sorted them for her
What is Psyche's 2nd task given by Venus?
Take wool from a sheep
How is Psyche able to complete the 2nd task?
A breeze tells her to wait until the sheep are asleep and then get some wool that is caught on a tree
What is Psyche's 3rd task given by Venus?
Get icy water from the summit of a mountain and bring it back
How is Psyche able to complete the third task?
The bird/god Providence went up anf got the water for her
What is Psyche's 4th task?
Take a casket to the underword and fill it with beauty
What happens after Psyche completes the 4th task?
She opens the casket to get some beauty for herself, and falls into a deep sleep
How is Psyche awakened after the 4th task?