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AA that make a-KG
His, Arg, Pro, Glu, Gln
What does His do?
Makes N5 Formimino THF, then goes to Glutamate
What does Arg do?
Degraded by Arginase to Ornithine, then to Glutamate y-semialdehyde
What does Proline do?
Degraded by Proline dehydrogenase to cyclic ring, then nonenz. degrades to same thing as Arg (Glutamate y-semialdehyde)
What happens to Glu y-semiald?
Dehydrogenated to Glutamate
What does Glutamine do?
Degraded by Glutaminase to Glutamate
What does Glutamate do?
Degraded to a-KG via Glutamate dehydrogenase (NADP/NAD)
Important thing to remember:
Histidine is a 1C donor to the 1C pathway to make N5 Formimino THF