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what is the putting out system?
traditional process by which textiles were produced
what is the Emancipation Proclamation?
order issued by president Abraham Lincoln in 1862 that declared slaves free in the areas still held by confederates it didnt free slaves in southern areas held by the union or slave states like maryland since lincoln couldnt enforce areas still held by confederates.
Who is Ralph Waldo Emerson?
Leading voice in transcedentalism in America in mid 19th century influenced by romanticism in europe wanted to cpatur passioate aspects of human spirt gain deeper insight to msyeries wrote " American Scholar"
Define the Republican Party
one the youngest major two political parties in the us
Task System
slavery to a division of labor established on the plantation
Henry David Thoreau
United states writer and social critic
Margaret Fuller
Journalist,critic and womens right activist w american transdental movement
Henry Clay
United states poltician responsible for the missouri compromise btwn free and slave states.
Daniel Webster
Participated in the webster hayne debates during jacksons predecency "liberty and union one and inseparable now and forever."
Indian Removal act of 1830
signed into law by president andrew jacksoin on may 26 1830 strongly supported the south
trail of tears
indian removal piushed out west 1/4 died during the journey; some african american went to bc they had married into indian families or bc they were slaves. led to an economic boon bc it opened up land for speculation.
process of introducing a product into the market.
Louisiana purchase
Purchase from france in1803 for 15 mil extends from Missiisspi to rocky mts gulf mexico to canada
American System
Promoted by henry clay argued it was integral part of national economic developement and similiar to common wealth systems policies persude by.
Booker T Washington
american political leader educator orator and author
nonconformiung goods meant as partial performance
Plessy vs Furgusion
racial segregation even in public accommadtions under the docrine "seperate but equal
Border states
five slave states Delaware kentucky maryland missouri and west virginia
Kansas Nebraska Act
by stephen douglass act (1854) resolve the status of LA purchase by dividing it into two -kansas nebraska banned slavery north 36 30' and left of the matter open to popular sovereignty.
Monroe Doctrine
American foreign policy opposing interference in the western hemisphere from outside power
Gang system
reference within slavery to a division of labor established on the plantation.
The era of good feelings
decribes period in united states political history which partisan bitterness abated
John C Calhoun
War hawk; vice president under John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson, in his political philosophy maintained that stated had the right to nullify federal legislation that deemed unconstitutional.
Utopian Societies.
attempt to create a Utopian (perfect) community. experimented with utipian communities as a method for supporting the reforms of the time
3/5 compromise
compromise btwn southern and northern states to count each slave as 3/5 a person. for tax purposes
Dorthea Dix
Womans Right activist that tried to improve public institutions. persuaded law makers to enlarge the state hospital to accommodate mental patients.
Horace Mann
United states educatior who introduced reforms that significantly altered the system of public education.
Movement to abolish slavery
William Loyd Garrison
U.s aboliotionist in published anti slavery journal.
Missouri Compromise
agreement in 1820's btwn proslavery and anti slavery fractions in u.s concering the extension of slavery into new territories.
compromise of 1850
proposed by Henry clay the 8 resloutions of this compromise admitted california as free state specified that slavery would continue (not trade) strength.
Field Order #15
military directive that was issued by General Sheman conficated land that was set aside for freeman, but president nullified it.
Lincolns 10% plan
for a state to gain back into the union 10% of their eligible voters in that state if they swore loyalty both to the united stated they would be remitted inot the union. additionally they have to accept the 13th admendment.
seneca falls convention
early and influential womens rights held in seneca falls
Underground railroad
secret aid to escaping slaves that was provided by abolitoonists in the yrs by american civil war
Harriet Tubman
Became famous conductor of the underground railroad leading other slaves to freedom
Sojourner Truth
seeking truth. gave speech at seneca falls
Withdrawling from an organization,union or a political entity
Popular Sovereignty
ultimate power of the people.
W.E.B. Dubios
american civil rights activist
Freedman's Bureau
1825, congress established one of the few success stories to come out of the presidential phase of recontruction
James Duke
u.s tabacco and electric power magrate
Total war
All available resources are used
2nd great awakening
series of religious revivals
Dred Scott Decision
slaveowner toook him to illionis, dred scott sued him, went supreme court, but was turned down bc he was not a citizen.
an economic system whereby ex slaves and poor landless whites were beholden to landowners in oppressive ways
Battle of Gettysburg
alot of people died. greatest victory of the union
United daughters of confederacy
wommens heritage association dedicated to honoring the memory who served and did in the confederate states.
Reconstruction amendments
13th,14th,15th adopted immediately after the civil war