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How did Ali Salem describe those muslims who use terrorism to achieve their ends?
they feel like dwarfs so they search for towers to destroy
What positiveoutcome from 911 does friedman hope to occur which he called the conversation?
Introspection by islam nations on how they may become more progessive
What reason does Osama Bin Ladin give for why he attacked the US on 9/11/01?
Unjust treatment of palestinians
Sanctions (between Gulf wars 1&2)
Troops in Saudi Arabia
US backing of corrupt Mideast governments
What groups made up "Old immigration?"
North and Western Euopeans
Which wave of immigration occured in the 1880's and resulted in the biggest wave of immigration in US history?
New Immigration
How much do human beings of the world share in common?
99.9% of their DNA
What place was the eastern gateway of US immigration in the 1880's?
Ellis Island
What is true about the antropology of race?
Race is a social structure
Why do many scientists argue that race, as a concept, shoild be scraped?
It's too broad and leads to stereotyping
What group was the second largest in the US according tto the 2000 Census?
Marilyn Monroe
Andy Warhol
Willem de Kooning
5 pictures (same)
Andy Warhol
Robert Rauschenburg
Claes Oldenburg
3 colors
Mark Rothko
Jackson Pollack
Jasper Johns
Which Analogy is used traditionally in the United states to describe the creation of america?
The melting Pot
Which analogy is currently used to emphasize the unique differences we have in America?
Salad Bowl
Which modern analogy is currently used to emphasize both the unique and common characteristics that make up America?
From what English sport of the 1600's did American Baseball develope from?
What was the main difference between English baseball and American Baseball? The English Version:
threw the ball at the runner to make an out
Who is the "father of baseball?"
Alexander Cartwright
What event of US history most gelped to spread the sport of Baseball?
The civil war
What Ohio Wesleyan baseball coacj later became the Dodger's general manager responsible for the integrating of pro. baseball?
Branch Ricky
record for most consecutive games (2,332)
Cal Ripkin
Boston outfielder with .406 season average
Joe DiMaggio
Yankee Outfielder who hit in 56 games in a row
Ted WIlliams
Played in games 2,130 games in a row
Ty Cobb
First african american in the major leagues
Jackie Robinson
won more games than any other pitcher (511)
Cy Young
career batting leader with .367 average
Lou Gehrig
1920'sYankee home run hitter
Babe Ruth
What country was invaded by Russia in August of 2008 rasing questions of wheter the U.S. and Russia might enter into a new Cold War?
Which plane(s) attacked the World Trade Center in New York City?
American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175
Which plane(s) attacked the Pentagon in Washington, DC?
American Airlines Flight 77
How many planes were used in the attacks on 911?
Who was the leader of the attacks that died during the attacks?
Mohammed Atta
What is the connection between the 911 attacks and Iraq?
al-Queda met with Saddam Hussein prior to the attacks
What was the 911 commission?
a bi-partisan commission who had the task of investigation the 911 attacks and a group formed at the deman of families of victims that wanted to know why and how attack occured
What area of the economy wa/is primarily responsible for the current economic crisis?
How much (so far) is the financial bail-out gaing to cost Americans tax payers?
500 million dollars
If each dollar equals a second, how long would it take the united states to pay off 1 trilllion dollars?
31,688 years
What is the current national debt fot the United States of America?
10 trillion dollars
According to the article we read titled Financial Madness, what are the roots of our financial crisis?
Which Presidental candidate risked his acceptance speech in an open stadium?
Barrack Obama