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Trade Deficit
difference between what a country imports and exports
Global Economy
system of worldwide trade
Working Poor
people who work and still live below the poverty line
What percentage of Reagan supporters voted for George Bust in the 1988 election?
What "domestic goals" was Bush able to focus on now that the Cold War had faded?
revitalizing the cities, restoring respect for public schools, and building a domestic economy that could compete internationally
Why did the US become involved in the Persian Gulf War?
Sadam threatened half of all the world's oil supply
Why was the Persian Gulf War a turning point for the UN?
more involved through troops
In the late 1980s, which main competitors gained an advantage over the US in global trade (exports)?
European Union and East Asian Countries
What was the purpose of the NAFTA agreement signed in 1992?
end most cross-border tariffs and quotas on goods and services and gave them more leverage in negotiating with the European Union and East Asian Powers
What 3 countries make up NAFTA?
United States, Canada, Mexico
What were the 2 main concers regarding NAFTA?
pollution controls, that manufaturing jobs would move to lower wage plants in Mexico and hurt American and Canadian workers
What were the 3 main problems with the economy in the early 90s?
exonomic growth halted, unemployment was rising, after-tax income for most workers was falling
How did cuts in defense spending/military industries affect many Americans?
many lost their jobs
Descirbe 2 effects of the trade deficit in the early 1990s.
it weakened the nation's economy and hurt the ability of American companies to compete with foreign companies.
How did the US attempt to deal with it's debt in the early 1990s?
they sold billions of dollars of bonds each month, it hurt them.
How many children lived in poverty in 1989?
1 out of every 5
Which countries were allies with Iraq?
Jordan and Lebanon
Which countries were allies with the UN and US?
Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Syria
difference between what the government takes in and what it spends
National Debt
national deficit plus intrest
Keynsian Economics
economy will be stimulated by government spending
Supply-Side Economics
theory that if you reduce taxes it will stimulate economic growth
and order from the voters
giving companies more leeway to operate freely
Mutual Deterrence
neither would start a nuclear war as long as missiles targeted both countries
What was more important than any single issue in Ronald Reagan's campain for President in 1980?
the sentimental feeling he evoked
What was the prevalent mood of the United States during the 1980 presidential campaign?
In the 1980 presidential election, Ronald Reagan did well among blue-collar workers, white ethnic groups, and the elderly groups that...
had traditionally voted Democratic
How did President Reagan plan to balance the budget even though he had lowered taxes?
cut spending on domestic programs
What was the main failur of Reaganomics?
greatly increasing the federal deficit
allowed restricted growth in cable TV
promoted reducing taxes
eased safty checks on chemicals and pesticides
With SDI, what did President Reagan hope to do?
provide a first line of defense for the United States from nuclear attack
Why did President Reagan make Central America a priority in his war against communism?
because he felt that the national security of all the Americans was at stake in Central America
How were the profits from arms sales to Iran used?
they were funneled to the Nicaraguan contras to help finance their war against the Sandinistas
What did the report of the congressional committees that heard testimony regarding the Iran-contra affair do?
took a dim view of Reagan's hands-off management style
At the second meeting of Reagan and Gorbachev in October 1986 in Iceland, what was the agenda?
arms-control issues
Oliver North
ran secret Iran-contra operatoin
Mikhail Gorbachev
instigated reform policies in his country
Who supported Reagan?
Southern States, West, Southwest, Northeast, Great Lakes
What did the American public want from Reagan (Mandate)? What did Reagan promise?
to get the government off people's backs
How did Reagan justify Deregulation? Name ONE effect of Deregulation
he put the economy first, more pollution
Who was Sandra Day O'Connor?
the first woman Supreme Court Justice
How did Reagan describe the Soviet Union when he came into office?
Give 2 examples that show why the Soviet Union was viewed as a threat in the 1980s.
installed government in Poland, invaded Afganistan
What 2 MAJOR changes happened in Eastern Europe in 1989?
Soviet block breaks up, East Germany becomes part of West Germany
Which countries backed communist guerilla fighters?
Soviet Union, Iran, Cuba
What was the Iran-Contra scandal?
sell money to Iran in order to get money to give to the contras in Iran
What was Reagan's role in the fiasco?
didn't come out looking good, never pinned to a role