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When power is shared between the national and state government.
What is the highest court in the US?
Supreme Court
What was the first national gov. in America?
Articles of Confederation
The Constitution does what?
-defines and limits the power of the national government
-defines the relationship between the nat. gov. and individual state gov.s and
-guarantees the rights of the citizens of the U.S.
Everyone assumed that who would become the first country's president?
George Washington
The national constitution is
the supreme law of the land
Who do you really vote for when you vote for president?
the electors
How did u know who became president?
the electors choose and the largest # of electorial votes became president. the second largest became vice president.
each states constitution separates power between three branches...which are
legislative, judicial, and executive.
How many electors did each state get?
as many senators and reps. in congress