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Shots fired at Lexington and Concord gave this message to the world:
that this young nation would fight for their liberty from England.
To speak or act out against something is called ____.
Term used to describe people who sided against England.
Frist event of the Revolutionary War.
Battle at Lexington and Concord
Who was ruling the colonies?
Monarch (King) and Parliament
Colonist dressed up like these in order to protest the monopoly of tea.
What was the signal to be, depending on the way that the British arrived?
one if by land, two if by sea
What was used to signal the way that the British would arrive?
What is the main reason that the colonist are angry with England?
They are taxing them without representation.
Sons of Liberty whose job it was to signal that the British had arrived.
Paul Revere and William Dawes
Area of land under dispute between France and England.
Ohio River Valley- between the Appalachian Mountains and Mississippi River
A government in which the people take parts is called
What are allies?
Friends in war
People who sided with the King's ideas were called___.
Who was the frist Black man killed during this time?
Crispus Attucks
Every colony sent representatives to the Frist Continental Congress, except
Nickname given to the British Soliders by the Colonists.
"red coat"
"bloody backs"
"lobster backs"
Who was a activity citizen in the colonies as well as a well known Statesman?
Benjamin Franklin
Term used to describe colonist who were ready to fight at a moments notice.
What did the Sugar Act tax?
goods coming into the colonies
The first colonial legislatures were know as
House of Burgesses
What did the Stamp Act tax?
paper goods
Another word for freedom.
What colonist did to stores that were loyal to the King?
This committees job was to keep all colonies aware of what was happening.
Committee of Correspondence