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What was John Locke's influence on the American Revolution
*natural rights
*government protects rights of the people
*people give power to government
What is philosophy of Declaration of Independence?
1. unalienable rights protects rights 3. people consent to be governed 4. people have right to change gov when gov violates rights
How did British try to control the colonies?
Stamp Act,Intolerable Acts,
Declaratory Act, Tea Act, Writs of Assistance
How did colonist respond to Britain's control of revenue?
formed Sons of Liberty Boston Tea Party boycotts First Continental Congress formed militias,Daughters of Liberty, Committee of Correspondence, Olive Branch Petition
Why were colonists able to defeat British?
home territory,guerrilla warfare,dedication to cause, assistance from foreign allies, strong leadership
What were Britain's reasons for controlling the colonies?
desire to be world power, raise revenue through taxation
Why did England impose taxes?
help finance French&Indian War, help maintain British troops in the colonies
Why were the colonies unhappy with British rule?
colonies had not representation in Parliment, resentment of colonial governors, Britain wanted strict control over colonial legislatures, colonies opposed taxes, Proclamation of 1763 blocked western expansion
What was the Boston Massacre?
Colonists were shot after taunting British soldiers.
What was the Boston Tea Party?
Samuel Adams and Paul Revere led patriots in throwing tea into Boston Harbor to protest tea taxes.
What was the First Continental Congress?
Delegates from all colonies except Georgia met to discuss problems with England and to promote independence.
What was the Battle of Lexington and Concord?
the first armed fight of the Revolutionary War
When was the Declaration of Independence approved?
July 4, 1776
Why is the Battle of Yorktown important?
Lord Cornwallis surrendered and ended the Revolutionary War
What was the Treaty of Paris?
England recognized American independence when this treaty was signed.