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What was the Stamp Act?
The stamp act was a tax that was imposed by britain to colinists that required a stamp on all printed documents.
Who were the Sons of Liberty?
the sons of liberty were a secret restance group who harrased stamp agents, custom workers and royal governs.
What act prompted the formation of the Sons of Liberty?
the stamp act
What was the effect of Common Sense on the colonies?
people were more aware of peoples rules and it made them want to support independence
What were the Townshend Acts?
acts the british placed on imported materials
What was the boston massacre a response to?
the british were pissed because of colonal colinists taking jobs.
what event did samuel adams call "a glorious day for america"?
the battle at lexingtion and concord.
in 1776, waht percentage of the population were patriots?
Name the first battle the occurred between minutemen and redcoats.
battle at lexington
Who wrote Common Sense?
thomas paine
name the european country that supported the war for independence
what was the olive branch petition?
a document that sent was sent to king george the third to resolve peace and harmony to england and us.
who was crispus attucks?
a man killed during the boston massare. he was an african american and was the first man to be killed
Who helped form the sons of liberty?
samual adams
What was the declatation of independence?
a document signed by men to declare our independence from britan that listed grevences against the king
name the battle that was a turning point in the war
who wrote the declatation of independence?
thomas jefferson
what concepts were used in the writing of the declaration?
people have natural rights to life liberty and peoperty. people consent to a governmenet who protects rights people can resist or over through a government
from whom were these concepts borrowed?
john locke
what was a loyalist?
loyalists were colinsits who supported britain
what was a patroit?
a colinst who supported independence
name the french aristocrat who aided the continental army?
marquett de lyfiatte
who headed the continental army?
george washington
name the treaty that ended the revolutionary war
the treaty of paris
name the last major battle of the revolutionary war
the battle at yorktown
who was the british general at the last major battle?