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CCC Civilian Conservation Corps
Employed single men, ages 18-25, for natural resource conservation.
TVA Tennessee Valley Authority
Built hydroelectric plants and dams aimed at improving seven southern states and attracting industry to the south.
AAA Agrictultural Adjustment Act
Reduced agricultural surplus and raised prices for struggling farmers.
FERA Federal Emergancy Relief Agency
Granted federal money to state and local govenrments to be used to help the unemployed.
NRA National Revocery Administration
Controlled industrial production and prices with industry-created codes of fair competition.
FDIC Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Guarenteed bank deposits up to $2,500.
PWA Public Works Administration

CWA Civil Works Administration
Provided employment in construction of airports, parks, schools, and roads.
SEC Securties and Exchange Commission
Regulated the stock market to avoid dishonest practices.
ALL American Liberty League
Opposition to the New Deal, and teach the respects for the rights of person and property. Anti-New Deal
WPA Works Progress Administration
Combated unemplyment; created jobs throughout economy
REA Rural Electrification Administration
Brought electricity to isolated agricultural states.
Social Security Act
Created unemployment system disability insurance, old-age pension, and child welfare benefits.
Public Utility Holding Company Act
Eliminated unfair practes and abuses of utility companies
Banking Act
Strenghtened Federal Reserve
Resettlement Act
Assisted poor families and sharecroppers in beginning new farms or purchasing land