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Abraham Lincoln
Issued the Emancipation Proclamation.
1st president to be assassinated.
Civil War began right after Lincoln's inauguration.
Homestead Act, 1862
Secession of 7 states
Morrill Act, 1862
Andrew Johnson
1st president to be impeached in office.
Senate later acquitted him.
Purchase of Alaska, 1867
Ulysses S. Grant
Scandals including Black Friday, Whiskey Ring, and tax corruption.
15th Ammendment ratified.
Freedman's Bureau dismantled
Rutherford B. Hayes
Ended Reconstruction & withdrew federal troops from south.
Resumption of the Specie Act
Civil Service Reform, 1877
James A. Garfield
2nd President to be assassinated.
Reform Efforts minimal
Star Route Scandal
Red Cross initiated.
Chester A Arthur
Known for Civil Service Reform
Dedicated the National Monument.
Chinese Exclusion Act, 1882
Pendleton Act
Tariff Reforms
Grover Cleveland
1885-1889 1893-1897
Only President to be elected to 2 nonconsecutive terms.
Statue of Liberty unveiled.
Labor discord & violence
His baby was 1st child born in the White House
Benjamin Harrison
Did not win the popular vote but won the electoral college vote.
Electric lights installed in the White House.Grandson of former President William Henry Harrison.
Dependent and Disability Pensions Act, 1890
6 states entered the U.S. during his administration.
William Mckinley
During his term the U.S.was involved in the Spanish-American War.
1st President to run a "front porch" campaign.
3rd President to be assassinated.
After Spanish American War, the U.S. received the Phillipines, Guam, and Puerto Rico from Cuba.
Annexation of Hawai
Open Door Policy and the Boxer Rebellion.
Theodore Roosevelt
1st President to win the Nobel Peace Prize.
He led the Rough Riders.
In 1903 a stuffed toy bear was given to him which led to the naming of "teddy" bears.
Panama Canal, 1901
Russo-Japanese War
Panic of 1907
Oklahoma admitted to the Union in 1907.
William Howard Taft
1st President to go to the Supreme Court after his Presidency.
1 of 2 Presidents buried in Arlington Cemetary.
1st President to have a presidential car.
States admitted to the Union, 1912-New mexico, & Arizona.
16th Amendment, 1913 ratified.
The Webb-Kenyon Interstate Liquor Shipments Act, 1913
Woodrow Wilson
Only President to earn a doctorate.
Federal Reserve and Federal Trade Commission established.
2nd President awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
The U.S. fought in WWI during his term in office.
WWI, 1914-1918.
Prohibition, 1919
women Voting, 1920.
Election of Senators by the people.
Federal Trade Commission, 1914
Waren G. Harding
1st President to ride in a car to his inauguration.
1st President to visit both Alaska & Canada.
Teapot Dome & other Scandals. 1921-23
League of Nations, 1921.
Calvin Coolidge
Born on July 4th
During his term Charles Lindberg made his 1st flight.
While in office, the KKK exceeded 4 million members.
President when Babe Ruth hit 60 home runs.
Immigration Act, 1924
Commercial Aviation
Kellogg-Brand Pact
Herbert Hoover
Adolph Hitler came into power during his term.
President during the Stock Market Crash of 1929.
While in the White House, The Star Spangled Banner was adopted as national anthem.
Refused to accept salary as President.
Became a self-made millionaire.