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What kind of primary would a registered demorcrat who wanted to vote on the republican ballot want to vote in?
Open Primary
What kind of election actually fills the nation's public offices?
General election
Which process allows citizens to propose legislation and submit it to the state electorate for a popular vote?
What method is the oldest and least used of choosing delegates to the national convention?
What selects delegates to the convention?
primary elections and grassroots caucuses.
What is a personal campaign?
when the candidate shows up at the workplace, coffees, luncheons and other places to meet and greet voters.
WHen would a candidate use inoculation advertising?
when they attemmpt to counteract an anticipated attack from the opposion.
what is the states electoral vote equal to?
the number of senators plus the number of house members
What if no candidate recieves a majority vote in the electoral college?
the election is cast into the house of Rep.
What is a shifting of party coalition groupings in the electorate that remains in place for several elections?
party realignment
What do congressional incumbents seeking reelection need to worry least about?
name recoginition
In voter turnout stats, there is a relationship between voting and what three things?
1. income
2. race
3. age
What are reasons for low voter turnout rates in the US?
the difficulty of registration, voter attitudes (feel it doesnt matter), the number of elections,
Which is the reelection rate higher for: Senators or House members?
House members
What is a closed primary?
a primary election in which only a partys registered voters are eligible to vote.
what kind of election do voters decide which of the candidates with in party will represent hte party in the general election?
primary election
why does being in office help a person stay in office because of a variety of benifits that go with position?
waht is recall?
removal of an incumbent from office by popular vote.
what is raiding?
an attempt by voters of one party to influence the promary results of the other party.
what is political action committee? (PAC)
a fund raising committee that represents interst grooups ion the political process
what is the difference between soft money and hard money
soft money is givin to compain and hard money goes directly to the candidate
what is a nomination campaign aimed at winning?
primary election
where do donations from the general tax revenues to the campaigns of qualifying presidential candidates come from?
public funds
what is voter cancass?
when a campaign gets in touch with voters by phone or door
who gives public opinion surveys that guide political campaignes
what is secular realignment?
the gradual rearrangement of aprty coalition, based more on demographic shifts than on shocks to the political system
Which campaign is a fund-raising literature distribution that does not directly involve the candidate
organizational campaign
PAC cannot advertise neg. attacks how many days before the election?
what is the difference between france and america with groups?
france is centralized and america is decentralized (groups all over the place)