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World's 1st anti-slavery society formed by who?
Philadalphea Quakers in 1775
American Revolution emphasis on equality...How can you see that realized?
-Declaration's "all men are created equal"
-Continental Congress1774 call for complete abolition of slave trade, some northern states emancipation of blacks
abolitionist movement
Declaration of Independence: "all men are created equal"
Why founding fathers fail to eliminate slavery?
fight over slavery would have fractured the fragile national unity
After revolution, America's greatest strength?
having great leaders: G. Wash, James Madison, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton
role of contintental congress in revolutionary days
appointed a commitee to draft a written constitution for new nationAOC
delay of ratification of AOC
discord with western lands, states that had land like Virginia and New York, land hungry Maryland stubbornly held out until March 1, 1781
weakness of congress in AOC
-no power to regulate commerce
-can't enforce tas collection program
-couldn not command, coerce, or enforce
strenths of congress in AOC
-make treaties
-establish postal service
-outlined general powers
Northwest Ordinance 1787
judicious compromise: temporary tutelage, then permanent equality
-fisrt subordinate to gov't when over 60,000 state
US forms relations after rev. war with GB, France, Spain
-GB not send ministers, shut off profitable West Indian tade, didn't repeal Navigation Laws, kept fur trade with indians(also protective barrerier)
-Spain closed Mississippi river to American commerce
-France wants reparations from war