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House of Representatives - District
7 year citizen - 25 years old - Inhabitor of your state - 435 members
Senate - State
9 years citizen - 30 years old - Inhabit of your state - 100 members
How long is your term for House of Reps?
2 year term/ No limit to how many terms
How long is your term for the Senate?
6 years/ No limite to how many terms.
The Representation of Congress Function
responsibility of a legislature to represent various interests in society.
individuals who live within the geographical area represented by an elected official. More narrowly, the body of citizens eligile to vote for a particluar rep.
Reason for Census
see which state gets how many reps.
the process, after the new population census, of redistributing the House seats so that the number of seats in each state more closely reflects the size of each states population
process by which one party draws district boundaries to its advantage
Pork Barrel Projects
laws whose tangible benefits are targeted at a particular legislators consituency
Service Strategy
use of person staff by members of Congress to perform services for constituents in order to gain their support in future elections.
Incumbents vs. Challengers
97% of Incumbents won.
the practice of trading one's vote with another member so that each what he or she most wants.
The Lawmaking Function
the authoirity to make the laws necessary to carry out the governments powers
Party Caucus
party organization within Congress consisiting of a separate and distinct group for members of each political party from which party leaders are selected and party interests defined.
Party Leadership in Congress
Speaker of the House (nancy pilosi)
Preseident of the Senate - Senate Majority Leader - Committee Chairs - Seniority Pricnicple
Committee Types
Standing Committe (where changes are made)
Select Committees - Joint Committees - Conference Comittees.
The House Rules Committee
decide which comittee the bill goes to, or decide to kill the bill (also schedule when it comes out)
Congress's Policy Making Role
a diversity of interestes are represented.
Congress cannot be highly responsive to diverse local interests and national interests at the same time.
The legislature is responsive through elections to local interests, which makes it hard to respond to national interests.
The Oversight Function
a supervisory activity of Congress that centers on it constitutional responsibility to see that the executive carries out the laws faithfully and spends appropriations properly.
Oversight Function
Congresional Hearings
the power to try the President
Examination of the Bureaucracy.