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Music combining a variety of musical styles; originated with African American musicians in New Orleans and gained national popularity in the 1920's.
Music that grew out of slave music and religious spirituals; featured heartfelt lyrics and altered or slurred notes that echoed the mood of the lyrics.
A blues singer. In 1923 her hit "Down Hearted Blues" sold more than 500,000 copies.
Bessie Smith
Was a great trumpet player. He played with the Creole Jazz Band before starting a successful solo career.
Louis Armstrong
An Africian-American poet.
"Why would I want to be white? I am a Negro - and beautiful".
Langston Hughes
He was seriously wounded while serving on the Italian front, expressed his anger at the uselessness of war in his works, in 1929 wrote "A Farewell to Arms".
Ernest Hemmingway
A group of writers whose works reflected the horrors of the death and destruction of World War I and criticized consumerism and superficiality in postwar society.
Lost Generation
A writer who chronicled the Jazz Age and his own life mirrored his characters. Wrote "The Great Gatsby" and "This Side of Paradise".
F. Scott Fitzgerald
A photographer in the 1900's.
He operated an influential New York gallery.
Alfred Stieglitz
He painted murals and focused on worker's problems and industrial development in his American murals.
Diego Rivera