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Federal law that enforced the eighteenth Amendment (prohibition)
Volstead Act
He ruled Chicago's underworld with his small army of mobsters.
Al Capone
He organized a top squad of young detectives to go after gansters.
Eliot Ness
Nickname given to a group of detectives led by Eliot Ness who targeted gangsters during Prohibition.
1933 Constitutional amendment that ended prohibition by repealing the 18th amendment.
Twenty-first Amendment
Had an outstanding baseball career in the 1920's and attracted many fans.
Babe Ruth
A multisport 1920's athlete.
Jim Thorpe
The first person to fly nonstop between New York and Paris.
Charles Lindbergh
The first woman to cross the Atlantic Ocean by plane.
Amelia Earhart
Protestant religious movement that teaches that the Bible is literally true.
A famous criminal lawyer from Chicago (Scopes' chief defense attorney)
Clarence Darrow
Trial of John Scopes, a high school science teacher who was prosecuted for teaching evolution.
Scopes trial