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What is the generation gap?
In the 1950's American youth sought indepence from their parents - Vastly different music.
What caused the generation gap?
The younger generation did not remember the depression, they wanted excitment, troubled teens, and the bands of their parents too polished, and formal.
What is another name for Gospel?
Where does it descend from?
Has it affected popular music?
Religious blues.
Religous spirituals.
Does gospel music draw the line between sacred and secular?
Generally no
Who is the father of gospel music?
Thomas A. Dorsey
What caused Dorsey to write more personal, sentimental, and emotional spirituals?
The death of his wife.
What were the elements of black gospel music that found their way into rhythm and blues?
Steady beat, strong rhythmic complexity, hand clapping, percussive, call-and-response, melodic improvisation, body movements and dancing
What was music produced or played by black people called?
Race records
What was black popular music based on?
The form and harmonic pattern of the blues. Quadruple. Strong backbeats on the normally weak second and fourth beats. Danceable. Syncopated rhythm. Improvisation. Call-and-response.