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Reverend parris fears the villages respongse that his daughter has come under a spell. His reaction?
-worried about his reputation and ministry
Parris sends for Hale because. . .
-specialty in witchcraft
Dialogue between Parris, Putnam, Corey, and Proctor about money. . .
-greed and frustration
Conclusion about Abigail's discharge from Proctors. . .
-Proctor's wife suspected affair
At beginning of act two, Elizabeth Proctor wants. . .
-to charge Abigail as a fraud
Which is NOT used as evidence against Elizabeth Proctor?
-mumbles 10 commandments
Accusations against Elizabeth by Abigail. . .
If you question the court. . .
-then you're a witch
Proctor rejects compromise to give wife freedom because. . .
-stand up for friends and teir wives
Deputy Danforth represents/symbolizes. . .
-all powerful authority
Proctor accuses Abigail of what...
-accuses her of murder
Who was not condemned for witchery. . .
-Giles Corey
Abigail lives with Reverend Parris because. . .
-she is his neice and has no where else to go
Proctor retracts confession because. . .
-condemns his friends as witches
Mary Warren accusation against Proctor. . .
-greatest point of intensity
Elizabeth won't plead with husband. . .
-doesn't want to take away salvation
Why does Reverend Parris wish to spare Proctor?
-he is convinced Proctor is innocent
Which did NOT occur during the dancing?
-Susanna murdered a frog and rabbit
Who doesn't support Proctor's decision to NOT sign document?
Why do people admit to being a witch?
-don't get hanged
What is Parris's position in Salem?
What does Mrs. Putnam blame on witchcraft?
-death of 7 children
Who does Abigail first claim to practice witchcraft?
What news does Mary bring back from Salem?
-Elizabeth is accused
What commandment does Proctor forget?
-adultry/6th commandment
What does John Proctor do in a desperate attempt?
-puts his affiar out in public
Why will Elizabeth not be hung even if she is guilty?
-she is pregnant
What ultimately happens to John Proctor in the end?
-he is hanged
Mrs. Putnam is jealous of Rebecca Nurse because. . .
-all her children are healthy
Where did the story The Crucible take place?
Salem, Massachusetts
What gift does Mary Warren give to Elizabeth?
-poppet (doll)
What does Elizabeth lie about to the court?
-her husband's affair
Proctor doesn't like Parris as a minister because. . .
-Parris is materialistic
Who is the slave girl who danced in the woods?
Who is called from another town to examine Betty?
-Reverend Hale
Giles Corey thinks Putnam is accusing neighbors of witchcraft because Putnam wants to . . .
-gain their land
Who does Abigail claim is trying to kill her?
Who said the following: "There is a murdering witch among us, bond to keep herself in the dark."
Who said the following: "Spare me! You forget nothin' anf forgive nothin'. Learn charity woman."
-John Proctor
What kind of government does Slamen have in The Crucible?
Before the play begins, what did Parris catch his daughter and other girls doing?
-dancing in the forest
Who do Ezekiel Cheever and Herrick, the marshal, come to the Proctor house to arrest?
To what does John Proctor convince Mary Warren to testify?
-That the girls are only pretending to be possessed
On what charge is Giles Corey charged?
-contempt of court
When Mary Warren testifies against them, what do Abigail and her troop of girls do?
-They claim Mary is bewitching them