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Cabeza de Vaca
walked across nearly two thirds of North America looking for European settlement.
Why did the Europeans come to America?
The promise of good land, good wages, and freedom of religion
What were the three beliefs that pervaded Purian writing, and explain each.
1. Grace - they wished to cleanse themselves.
2. Plainness - the desire to return Christianitu to the simple form of worship.
3. Divine Mission
What was the first book published in America?
The Bay Psalm Book (1640)
What is the Great Awakening?
A time of religios fever
The Relacion
an extroidanary document of Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca and his stugle walking to Mexico. They had to give their food to the Indians if not eaten quick. they ate their meat rare.
Men and women continued to emigrate to Eurpoe because?
Some were hoping to gain weath and some hoped to gain freedom.
What were the two groups of people? Describe the groups.
1. Puritans - came to America to practice Christianity according to their own beliefs.
2. Calvanism - the "elect" the choosen few and the "predestined" to damnation. John Calvin

Edward Taylor and Jonathan Edwards
the most intense Puritan writers
What did the Caveliers do? and name a man who was one.
They established large plantations and were aware of the presnce of an omnipotent God. they were SOCIAL ECONOMICAL, AND POLITAL RATHER THEN RELIGIOUS!

William Byrd
During what century did the nations identiy begin to reveal?
What did John Smith do?

Who did he get captured by?

Why did he return to England?
He sailed to America in 1606. he was capured by Indians, and burned in an explosion in 1609
Disney Movie
What town did he find?
Jamestown Virgina, the first English colony, and gave the name New England.
Who gave Smith the head of the colony?
Who is William Bradford?

Why did he come to America?
4. second governer of Plymoth colony.
5. came to America to advance the "gospel of Christ".
What is the Plymouth Plantation?
describes the voyage over, when people were being thrown over board for dying and sickness. William Bradford made fun of the people who were being thrown over but he was the first to go over.
What was the Starving time?
Within two or three months, half the company died because of scurvy.
what was the amount of people healthy?
About fifty were alive, and only six or seven people took care of everyone.
What happened to the man who said " let the sick die"?
He became sick himself, but the people helped him. later he said that he did not deserve their compassion.
Who were the Indians that helped the english?
Samoset was profitable Massasoit was the cheif
Squanto helped with food and profit, and never left till he died.
S & M
What were the terms between them?
1. No harm should be done
2. That if harm did happen, then they would be punished by the offender.
3. Anything taken should be returned.
4. If one goes into war the other would aid.
5. That their neighbors will know about this piece.
6. All weapons will be left behind when visiting.
Anne Bradstreet

and what were the two volums she wrote?
got married when she was sixteen years old.

"To My Dear and Loving Husband"

" Upon the Burning of Our House"
2 poems, love and burn
How many years were the volums apart?
two volums that were twenty eight years apart.
What is the first volum about?
Contains long poems on medicine, history and the quanities of fire.
Boring stuff
What was the second Volum about?
Contains shorter poems, about her style, husband, children, and home.
What is "To my Dear and Loving Husband" about?

what was "upon the Burning of our House" about?
When her husband has to go away on buisness and she claims that her love for him is more then "mines of gold" that cant be quenched by rivers.

The "Upon the Burning of our House" is about when her house burns down.
Love and Fire
Sarah Kemble Knight
What was sarah Kemble Knights life?
She was both a teacher and a buisnesswoman. she also took a trip from Boston to New York and back.
work and trip
What was her journy like?
She crossed rivers at night and horseback during the day.
rivers and horses
What does her journal explain?
Describes the customs and manners of small rural communities and solitary settlers in the backwoods.
What were her visions?
Why did she say people looked ridiclous?
What was she amazed by?
Because of their lack of education.
Unusual holidays and wedding customs.
Edward Taylor
___ wife______
Edward Taylors life
Married twice and had fourteen children.
What is he most known for?
The finest poet writing in America before the nineteenth century.
What is a Puritan Document?
a beliefe in the relationship between the things of this world and the things of the next.
What is Huswifery?
Its when Edward sees himself as a spinning wheel.
Jonathan Edwards
"Sinners in the Hands of and Angry God"
what did he write of?
"the inward sweet delight in God and divine things"
sweet delight
What is Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" about?
Bringing to his congregation a vivid awareness of their wretched state.
What is the Great Awakening?
It was a revival that brought most of New England and the neighboring colonies to a high pitch of religious excitement.
New England
What are the four points he makes in the Sinners in the the Hands of an Angry God
1. Sinners have always been exposed to destruction.
2. IMminent desturction has always been sudden and unexpected.
3. That sinners will fall by their own momentum. they need not be pushed.
4. That god holds you up and once you have fallen their will be no one supporting you, the sinners will fall.
What was his conclusion?
His conclusion is that there is nothing that keeps wicked men out of hell but the mere pleasure of God.
hell and god
William Byrd
"The Dismal Swamp"

The History of the Dividing Line
What is the Dividing line?
A line that is the boundary between Virgina and North Carolina.
Va and NC
In "The Dismal Swamp" what mas was the happiest and why?
The man carrying the rum because his load became lighter every day.
What was the swamp like?
They couldnt get a breeze because of the ten foot reeds around them.
Olaudah Equiano
" The Interesting Narrative"
How many Africans were brought to American and how many of those died?
More then twelve million were brought but nearly two million died on the route.
12 and 2
What were the ships like?
The space was overcrowded and there was a risk of suffocation.
corwded and breath
How old was Olaudah Equiano when he was brought over? And where was he shipped to?
He was eleven years old. he was first shipped to Barbados then to Virgina.
Bar to Vir
How did he get freedom?
He bought it from a Quaker Slave holder.
what did he say that was so important?
"if he owned then thousand worlds, he would have traded them to be a slave in his own country"
ten thousand
What was so bad about where the slaves were kept?
The lack of room to turn. the shrieks of the men and women dying.
What did he think about the people being thrown overboard?
He felt that they were happier then himself.
What did the crew do with the fish?
Once they were done eating they would throw the fish back into the sea, instead of giving the remainders to the slaves.
throw away
What did some slaves try to do?
Some tried to jump overboard, but were saved and punished.