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Gene returns to Devon?
To relive his past
The summer enrollment at Devon is around?
The greater conflict in the story?
Story takes place in?
New Hampshire
Maginot Line?
A line of defense built by France
Younger boys remind the teachers of?
Super Suicide Society meets?
Every night
Finny creates a game called?
Finny thinks up activities to keep Gene from studying because he?
Thinks other things are more fun than studying
Finny loves sports because?
To him it seems that everyone wins
After a day at the beach, Finny and Gene spend the night sleeping?
On sand
Gene could not stand to hear about Finny's fall because?
Nobody suspected him
One evening instead of going to dinner Gene decided to?
Wear Finny's clothes
Dr. Stanpole said that?
Sports were finished for Finny
When Gene visits Finny, he realizes that?
Finny has suspected that Gene shook the limb.
When Gene visits Finny in Boston, he has the feeling that Finny?
Is a house-bound invalid
The lie that Gene tells to make Finny feel better is that?
Gene will not live by the school rules.
The point Gene got from the first Chapel service was that?
If one breaks the rules, they break him.
Gene picks a fight when Quackenbush calls him?
A maimed person
When Finny phones Gene, he is concerned that?
Gene might have a new roommate.
Down in the Butt Room Gene feels?
Guilty because of Brinker's accusation
Instead of helping the boys shovel snow, Leper goes to?
Look for a beaver dam
Seeing the troop again, Gene thinks these soldiers are?
Heroic men
Brinker tries to convince Gene to?
The nickname Finny gives Brinker is?
The Yellow Peril
Gene detects that Finny feels some bitterness when he says?
"I've suffered"
Finny says Gene will train for?
the 1944 Olympics
Gene finds pleasure in running when?
He gets his second win.
Devon's first recruit to World War II is?
The one image of the recruit that Gene remembers is?
His white stocking cap bobbing behind him.
The day of the carnival is?
Gray and gloomy
The torch to open the games is?
A copy of Homer's Iliad.
Finny's choreography of peace is?
A one-legged dance on the table
Brinker's contribution to the prizes is?
Some money from the Headmaster's Discretionary Benevolent Fund.
The most cautiously guarded treasure is?
Several jugs of very hard cider
The carnival ends when Gene?
Gets a telegram from Leper
The setting of the story can best be described as?
1862; northern Alabama; a railroad bridg
Part I principally concerns itself with?
Careful preparations for a man's hanging.
What does Farquhar notice about the marksman who was shooting at him?
The marksman had gray eyes.
While Farquhar is underwater, he thinks that he is going to die, but?
His hands seem to work independently of his will and free themselves.
Farquhar is being executed because he?
Is a captured, would-be saboteur.
How much time passes in the story?
A few minutes.
Bierce uses the omniscient point of view to?
Show Farquhar's innermost thoughts from Farquhar's own viewpoint.
What is Twain's theory of humanity?
People descended from animals.
To give his theory credence, Twain claims that?
He drew his conclusions from his own experiments.
Twain concludes that English earls are cruel because they?
Kill animals for fun rather than for food.
You can infer from this example of the earl and the ananconda that Twain?
Was not a supporter of hunting for sport
What examples does Twain NOT cite to make his point about humanity?
Americans have hanged their neighbors.
According to Twain, human beings are inferior to animals in all of the following ways, except?
Animals cannot show love, while humans can.
The tone of Twain's essay is best described as?
Twain's last example in the essay demonstrates that?
People are foolish and intolerent of those who are different.
When Twain says, "Man is the Animal that Blushes...or has occasion to," he means that?
Man has reason to be ashamed.
Twain says that of all the animals, man alone is?
Twain satirizes all of the following human foibles except?
In Twain's example of people refusing to be seen undressed in public, Twain is satirizing?
False modesty
What is ironic about Twain's assertion that humans are the "Reasoning Animal"?
Our actions show that we are irrational and unreasoning.
Twain wrote his satire "The Lowest Animal" mainly to?
Force people to reexamine their attitudes and behavior.
At first, Mrs. Sommers thinks that she will spend her $15 on?
Clothing for her children
At the beginning of the story, Mrs. Sommers is characterized as a?
Dutiful, caring parent.
What can you infer about Mrs. Sommers's past?
She had more money and lived a more gracious life.
How do the silk stockings affect Mrs. Sommers?
When she touches them, she wants more things.
You can conclude from the events in this story that?
Silk stockings were an expensive luxury
Mrs. Sommers also allows herself the luxury of a?
Meal at a nice restaurant and a play
Mrs. Sommers's new items make her feel?
At the matinee, Mrs. Sommmers?
Very much enjoys the performance.
Richard Cory has all of the following qualities except?
The narrator of "Richard Cory" is?
A person in the town
Richard Cory's eventual fate?
Comes as a surprise to the townspeople
The final mystery of Richard Cory's life concerns?
What unspeakable sadness he kept hidden.
Miniver Cheevy BEST loves?
Thinking of glorious civilizations from the past
Miniver Cheevy can BEST be characterized as the type of person who?
Feels that he is out of place and misunderstood.
The irony of Miniver Cheevy's story is that he?
Dreams of great deeds while failing to act.
To comfort himself, Miniver Cheevy?
Relies on alcohol.
Richard Cory and Miniver Cheevy are similar in that they both have?
Secret miseries.
The words Thebes, Camelot, and Priam in "Miniver Cheevy"?
Connote the glory and glamour of the distant past.
Robinson describes the "medieval grace/ Of iron clothing" to?
Create an ironic tone.
In this poem, the speaker recalls how she first met her husband?
When they were children
The couple became separated when the husband?
Left home on business
In her loneliness the speaker finds it painful even to watch?
A pair of butterflies
What growth does the wife describe in the letter?
Her growing love for her husband
What is the main emotion the speaker expresses in the poem?
Longing for the beloved from whom she is separated.
In this poem, the line "Like a skein of loose silk" describes?
How the woman walks.
The woman's main problem seems to be that she is?
Where is the woman?
Kensington Gardens
The woman's fragility is contrasted with?
The vigor of a group of poor children.
What does the woman fear?
Interacting with others
Which of the following statements best reflects Prufrock's view of himself?
I am unable to take risks.
Prufrock seems to be a man who has?
Avoided opportunities for change
The epigraph to the poem can be found?
Before the first line.
When the speaker compares the evening to "a patient etherized upon the table," he is emphasizing the?
Lifelessness of the night
What musical device does Eliot use in the following excerpt from this poem: "Before the taking of a toast and tea."
Prufrock thinks of the frolicking mermaids as creatures who?
Live in a world of freedom and beauty.
When the speaker says he is "pinned and wriggling on the wall," what image does he create?
The image of an insect
Which of the following best states the theme of "Soldier's Home"?
Wartime combat can be so devastating that it changes one completely.
Krebs can best be described as a person who?
Has lost his goals and the energy to pursue them.
When he returns home, Krebs finds that he?
Must lie to be listened to.
Krebs has returned home too late to?
Receive an elaborate welcome from his hometown.
Kreb's sister Helen seems to?
Need his love and approval
Kreb's father finally agrees that Krebs?
May take the car out from time to time
After the conversation with his mother, Krebs decides to go away because he?
Wants to avoid any kind of conflict.
What does Krebs seem to need most when he returns home from the war?
Solitude and understanding
What is a protagonist?
The main character, the one who initiates the story's action.
How is an antihero different from a hero?
The antihero is a nonheroic protagonist.
What traits mark Krebs as an antihero rather than a hero?
He is disillusioned and has lost a sense of purpose.
Which detail of his past is Krebs most nostalgic about?
Being in Europe
results of an action
horrible; brutal
close associations for mutual benefit
Dexter Green can best be described as?
Ambitious and full of desire
Which of the following word pairs describes Judy Jones?
Confident and condescending
Dexter quits his job as a caddy when he?
Is told to caddy for the young girl Judy Jones.
Dexter wants most to?
Have the best things in life
On Dexter's return to the golf course as a golfer, what do his actions suggest about his feelings?
He is uncomfortable with his new, privileged position.
Dexter becomes successful in the business of?
Dexter becomes engaged to?
Irene Scheerer
Dexter probably becomes engaged to this individual because of his?
Desire for stability
What happens to Dexter and Judy engagement?
Judy breaks off the engagement.
At the end of the story, tears stream down Dexter's face because?
He is mourning the loss of a dream or ideal
At the end of the story, Devlin tells Dexter that?
Judy's husband does not treat her well.
What is Dexter's motivation for pursuing Judy?
He sees her as a symbol of "the best."
Which of the following expressions describes a paradox?
Affordable luxuries
At the beginning of "The Feather Pillow," what gives the young bride "hot and cold shivers"?
Her honeymoon
During a typical day, Alicia?
Waits for Jordan to return from work
Alicia first becomes ill with?
The flu
The doctors?
Are unable to find out what is wrong with Alicia.
In the depths of her illness, Alicia imagines she sees?
An anthropoid, or humanlike creature.
What causes Alicia's death?
A horrible little creature
What does the feather pillow have to do with Alicia's death?
In the feathers lives a parasite that sucks Alicia's blood.
The tale of Alicia and the pillow most closely resembles?
Legends about earwigs that burrow into people's brains.
unable to be explained
stealthy; hidden
Phoenix Jackson's goal for her journey is to?
Get medicine for her grandson's throat.
In this story, Natchez is a?
The incidents with the thorn bush and the scarecrow indicate that Phoenix?
Has trouble seeing.
According to Eudora Welty, what questions do students ask most frequently about "A Worn Path"?
"Is Phoenix Jackson's grandson really dead?"
The theme of a story is?
An important idea or insight evoked by the story.
Which of the following statements expresses a theme?
Life can be compared to an eventful journey.
The main theme of "A Worn Path" can best be expressed as?
Strong devotion helps people continue on a difficult journey.
One theme of this story can best be compared to a particular archetype of the journey, which might be characterized as a?
Long trail with obstacles and challenges.
What phrase best describes Granny's life?
Long years of hard work on a homestead.
The title "The Jilting of Granny Weatherall" reflects an event from Granny's past. A title reflecting Granny's present would be?
"The Death of Granny Weatherall"
The story is told from the point of view of?
Ellen Weatherall
When Granny sees Hapsy coming into the room, others around her perceive that?
Granny's daughter Lydia is entering the room
Granny has a desire to find George because she wants?
Him to know that she had a fine life without him.
When Granny feels her feet being tickled, it is because?
The priest is anointing her feet with oil in the last rites.
Granny views Dr. Harry as if he were?
A mere boy.
Porter uses the stream-of-consciousness technique to?
Allow the reader to get inside Granny's head.
skilled in saying the right thing
excessive pride