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What’s George’s problem(s) in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
Living in the past/ Living in illusions
What’s Martha’s problem(s)?
Her domineering father/ Her inability to have children
What does George’s game of “Get the Guests” involve?
Telling Honey he knows about her hysterical pregnancy
Why is it necessary for the imaginary son to die?
Because he gets in the way of a genuine love between George and Martha
What does the reference to Virginia Woolf probably represent?
The need for self-determinism
Where, reportedly, did Albee get the title for the play?
It was written on a subway wall
In Who’s Afraid, what happens to the boy in George’s book?
He ends up in an asylum
Who in Who’s Afraid, is described as being a “church mouse” with red eyes that steals money from the faithful?
Honey’s father
What object in Who’s Afraid might be read as a phallic symbol?
The fake shotgun
Which of the lines below did Edward Albee borrow from Tennessee Williams to use in Who’s Afraid?
“Flores para los muertos”
What’s the significance of the time at which Who’s Afraid ends?
It signifies spiritual death? It signifies rebirth? It signifies truth? AC? BC?
What does “Walpurgesnacht” refer to?
Witches being revealed
Martha says to George “You can stand it? You married me for it!”? For what?
What moment is Honey’s “salvation” in the play?
When she decides not to sleep with George? When she decides she wants to have children? When she decides to leave Nick and live on her own for a while? When she admits to George that she has had abortions? When she tells Nick that she loves him?
What’s the significance of George and Nick’ academic specialties?
George’s represents humanity, Nick’s abstraction
What does George think Nick is going to do with his research?
Make everyone the same
A catharsis follows which event in the novel?
George pointing a toy rifle at Martha
How does George repeatedly describe Honey in Who’s Afraid…?
What kind of animal does George compare Martha’s father to?
A mouse
What was Honey’s father’s profession?
When Honey is on the floor of the bathroom, what does she start doing?
Peeling bottle labels
In the original version of the play, George warns Martha before the guests come in not to talk about:
Their child
When Martha’s father will not allow George to publish his novel, George tries to convince him by saying that:
The novel is true
Martha is disappointed in George because:
He is not running the history department
What does Honey reveal to George that she is afraid of?
Having children
Why did Honey and Nick get married?
They thought she was pregnant
What kind of flowers does George bring to Martha?
What does George do while Nick and Martha are necking?
What do we know for certain about George’s book?
None of the above
Why do Nick and Honey stick around for all this abuse?
Nick is brown-nosing
Why don’t George and Martha have real children?
George is impotent
What keeps George and Martha from finding true love?
The illusions in their lives
What does George’s game of “Bringing up Baby” involve?
Killing off the imaginary son
Why does Martha stay with George?
He is the only man she’s ever loved
What language does George recite his prayer in?
What is “Bergin”?
A non-existent liquor
According to lecture, what is the organizational strategy Albee uses in the play?
Crisis and Catharsis
What, finally, is the play probably about?
The inability to love or be loved
What is one of the “games” they play?
Get the Guests, humiliated the host, hump the hostess
What is the last thing you see in the movie version of Who’s Afraid?
Clasped hands in front of window
What does Martha declare that George is in the history department?
What’s George’s novel about in Who’s Afraid…”?
A boy who kills his parents
Why does Nick marry Honey?
Her fathers got money/ she’s supposedly pregnant
What happens in the boxing story Martha tells?
She hits George
Who was Martha’s first husband?
A gardener at her school
What might have happened to George’s parents?
He killed them