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Average annual income
Per Capita Income
Corporation made up of three or more unrelated businesses
A business that contracts with a large parent company to offer certain goods and services
A tiny circuit device invented in 1947 that amplifies, controls, and generates electric signals
Dramatic increase in birth rate, especially the year following WWII
Baby Boom
Law passed in 1944 to help returning Veterans by homes and pay for higher education
GI Bill of Rights
How did the conglomerate and the franchise system change the American economy after World War II?
The conglomerate system led to the formation of giant corporations that owned businesses in many different areas of the economy. The franchise system meant that local businesses were sometimes pushed out of business by large chains.
What technological advances took place during the postwar years?
New electronic componets, such as transistors, aided in the development of new and improved products. Peaceful uses of atomic energy were also explored.
What factors contributed to the development of the suburbs from 1945 to 1960?
Suburbs devloped because of urban decay, an increase in population, cheap and plentiful housing, improved roads, and availability of automobiles and fuel.