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which called for the nations of Europe to draw up a program for economic recovery from the war
Marshall Plan
operation that moved supplies into West Berlin by American and British planes during a Soviet blockade
Berlin airlift
1949 alliance of nations that agreed to band together in the event of war and to support and protect each nation involved
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
This principle of mutual military assistance
collective security
a military alliance with its satellite nations in Eastern Europe
Warsaw Pact
known as HUAC, had been established in 1938 to investigate disloyalty on the eve of World War II
House Un-American Activities Committee
group of people in the film industry who were jailed for refusing to answer congressional questions regarding Communist influence in Hollywood
Hollywood Ten
a list circulated among employers, containing the names of persons who should not be hired
Passed by Congress in 1952, this law reaffirmed the quota system for each country that had been established
McCarran-Walter Act