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Reason why nationalist were defeated in Chinese Civil War
No support from public
What was the argument between McAurthor and Truman?
To drop the atomic bomb on Japan
In the Korean War, south was winning until what happened?
Chinese got involved
Why did Soviets block West Berlin?
Wanted to divide Germany
HUAC was known for investigating communism in what industy?
What is Mcarthyism?
Accusing innocent people of being communists
What was the first military alliance during peace time that the United States entered?
What aid package was against hungar, poverty, chaos, and desperation?
Marshall Plan
The satilite nations were members of what alliance?
Warsaw Pack
What was the main result of the Korean War?
Stallemate, no one gained anything
What is brinkmanship?
brink of nuclear war
what was the main point of limited test ban treaty?
banned testing in atmosphere
what was the main reason for the construction of the berlin wall?
to keep the educated from moving from the east to the west.
DMZ is associated with what area?
Who lead the indochinese communist party?
Ho Chi Mihn
What is napalm?
a gasoline based bomb.
What document authorized President Johnson to conduct war in Vietnam?
Tunkin Gulf Resolution
Which president adopted the policy of vietnamizing the war?
What meeting divided Vietnam on the 17th parallel?
What theory states that countries on brink of communism will fall?
Domino Theory
How could a youngman avoid going to war?
go to college, get hurt
What president adopted the policy, "Peace with honor"?
What event led to the division of public opinion supporting war?
Tet Offensive
What was the name of the North Vietnamise supply route to Vietcong?
Ho Chi Mihn trail
What nation did the United States aid inorder to control Vietnam?
What event set off the first generals student strike?
Invasion of Cambodia
Three civil rights workers were murdered in Mississippi led to what?
Voter Registration
The posting of "whites only" was made leagal by what?
Civil Rights Act of 1964
Voting rights act of 1965, outlawed what?
Literacy tests
Main goal of Freedom Rides
interstate travel- intergrate