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1840-Whig candidate William Henry Harrison (slogan)
Tippecanoe and Tyler too
Electon of 1844- Democratic Candidate Polk (slogan)
54*40' or Fight
1860- Republican slogan for Lincoln
Vote Yourself a Farm
1916- Democratic slogan for candidate Wilson
He Kept us out of War
Great Depression- 1932- Huey Long- Democrat slogan
Every Man a King
1864- Republican Candidate slogan- Lincoln runing against McClellan
Don't Swap Horses in the Middle of the Stream
1928- Republican- Dewey, Thomas
Had Enough?
Republican- 1964 - Barry Goldwater against L.B. Johnson slogan
A Choice, not an Echo
1928- Republican Candidate- Herbert Hoover slogan
A Chicken in Every Pot
1964- Democrats against Goldwater
In Your Guts you Know He's Nuts
1884- Democratic candidate- Grover Cleveland
"A Public Office is a Public Trust"
NRA (New-Deal Recovery Administration) during Great Depression. Helped buisnesses survive during the Depression. slogan
"We do our part"
First time U.S. Supreme Court declared a law passed by Congress unconstitutional. First example of Judicial Review.
court case
Marbury vs. Madison. (1803)
Supreme Court ruled that a state could not arbitruarily interfere with an individuals property rights.Court Case
Fletcher vs. Peck (1810).
Supreme court established authority and overrule State Court decisions
Court Case.
Martin vs. Hunter's Lessee (1816).
Bank of U.S. is constitutional but in Maryland, tax is unconstitutional.
Court Case.
McCollugh vs. Maryland (1819).
The Supreme Court upheld it's right to overrule state actions that violated the constitution.
Court Case.
Cohens vs. Virginia (1821).
Fairy boat operators. NY said one had all of the Fairy Boats, then the other opened up a Fairy Boat, and 1st guy sued.
Court Case.
Gibbons vs. Ogden (1824).
Massachusettes court rules that strikes to improve labor conditions were lawful.
Court Case.
Commonwealth vs. Hunt (1842)
Slave. Because he was not a citizen, he could not sue in court. Said Missourri Compromise was unconstitutional.
Court Case.
Missourri Compromise (1820) 36*30'.
Dred Scott vs. Sandford (1857)
Lincoln suspended with Writ of Habeus Corpus.
Believed he was giving aid to the South.
judge ruled that ____ had to be bought to his trial or released.
S.C. did not pick to read case because it was during a time of war.
Court Case.
Ex Parte Merryman (1861)
Illinois passed a law saying he was going to regulate railroads and business related to railroads.
Sues because "gov't can't regulate what I do with my private property."
Court ruled- When private Property is devoted to public use, it is subject to public regulation.
Court Case.
Munn vs. Illinois (1876)
when SC invalidated an Illinois law regulating transportation.
Court Case.
Wabash case (1886)
Seperate but equal was constitutional. Brown vs. Board of education.
Court Case.
Plessy vs. Ferguson (1896)
Court established the right of women to have abortions during the early months of pregnancy.
Court Case.
Roe vs. Wade (1973)
Who Shot Abraham Lincoln in the Ford Theatre?
John Wilkes Booth
Who assassinated Garfield - 1882?
Charles Guiteau
Who assassinated McKinley?
Leon F. Czolgosz
Who Shot Teddy Roosevelt - 1912?
Tragic Childhood- Against presidents running for 3rd term.
Said ghost of William McKinley made him do it.
john F. Shrant
who Shot and killed Kennedy in 1963?
Lee Harvey Oswald.
Who Attempted to assassinate Reagan?
John W. Hinckely jr.
A plan designed by Henry Clay to rid the nation of economic sectionalism. 1820s
The American System
Southern euphemism for slavery
The Peculiar Institution
1845 by John O'Sullivan.
Means expansionism within our borders
Manifest Destiny
Benjamin Butler.
Brought back Civil War Memories
"Waving the bloddy shirt."
Ultra-rich individualist of late 19th Century
The Robber Barons
John Adams- short, pear-shaped
His Rotundity
Andrew Jackson- rough and tough- unbreakable
Old Hickory
Martin Van Buren- always scheming/plotting
Little Magician
John Tyler
His Accidency
Zachary Taylor
Old Rough and Ready
General Winfield Scott
Old Fuss and Feathers
John Fremont
The Pathfinder
Stephen Douglas
The Little Giant
James Blaine
The Plumed Knight
Rutherford B. Hayes
His Fraudulency
William Jennings Bryan
The Great Commoner
The Rough Rider
John Sherman
The Ohio Icicle
Big Bill
Calvin Coolidge
Silent Cal
Alfred E. Smith
The Happy Warrior
Huey P. Long
The Kingfish
Joe McCarthy
Tail Gunner Joe
Richard Nixon
Tricky Dick
Lyndon B. Johnson
Landslide Lyndon
Who proclaimed, "Lafayette, we are here" upon arrival in Paris?
Major Charles Stanton
What famous spy was executed by the french?
Mata Hari
Where did Charles Lindbergh begin flight across the Atlantic?
Roosevelt Field
How many Americans served in WWI?
4.7 Million
How many lost their lives in WWI?
How many Germans did Sgt. Alvin York capture almost single-handidly?
Who were "The Big Four" who negotiated peace at Versailles at end of WWI?
Wilson-US, Daivd Lloyd George- Great Britain, Georges Clemenceau- France, Victorio Orlando- Italy
What disease was the leading cause of death in WWI?
Typhus- bacterial disease transmitted by lice.
What was a Q-ship?
Warship designed to look like merchant vessel.
Average life expectancy of a pilot on western front?
3 weeks
How much money did Lindbergh recieve for flying nonstop from NY to Paris?
When and where did 1st drive-in movie open for business?
Camden, NY, 1933.
To which president death was the question asked "how can they tell?"
What is the highest tariff in US history?
Hawley-Smoot, 60% tariff
What states made up the dust bowl?
Who were the brains in FDR's brain trust?
Basil O'Connor, Felix Frankfurter, Raymond Mobley, Rexford Tugwell, Adolf Bearle, Samuel Roseman
Who was the first person to recieve a SS check?
Ida Mae Fueller
What was the intended destination of Amlia Earheart on her Final Flight?
Howland Islands
What Organization blocked the performance of Marion Anderson at Washington's Constitutional Hall?
Who said, "He who lies down with dogs shall rise up with fleas"
Ben Franklin
Who said, "Taxation without representation is tyranny"
James Otis
Who said, "A little rebellion now and then is a good thing"
Thomas Jefferson
Who said, "I would rather be right than be president"
Henry Clay
Who said, "Speak softly, carry a big stick, and you will go far"
Who said, "Few men have virtue to withstand the highest bidder"
George Washington
Who said GW was "First in war, 1st in peace, 1st in the heart of his countrymen"?
Henry Lee
Who said, "These are the times that try men's souls"
Thomas Paine
Who said, "Vote early and vote often"
Al Capone
Who said, "To make the world safe for democracy"
Woodrow Wilson
Who said, "The business of America is business"
Calvin Coolidge
Who said, "Thomas Jefferson still lives"
John Adams
Who said, "All men having power ought to be distrusted to a certain degree"
James Madison
First president to ride in an automobile to their inaguration?
William G. Harding
"the Great War for the Empire"
7 years war/French and Indian War