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When did the idea of imperialism start?
Anglosaxons were superior to all?
Josaya Strong
Who sugested a stronger navy?
Alfred T. Mahan
Who had the Idea to take cuba and hawaii?
James Blaine
What was the US first expansion?
Why was Hawaii strategic?
Because it was a cole stop and had a great harbor
Why was expansion a good idea?
Because it would expand your market to sell goods
WHat was the yellow Press?
press that exagerated storys
Who were the main guys behind press?
What were the main stories that the yeallow press would pick?
-storys that threatened US or little countries being pushed arround
What started the idea of fighting the spanish?
Us battleship blew up in havana harbour
In what harbour did US blow up spanish ships?
manila harbour
After spanish war, what deal did the US come to with cuba?
The plad amendement= Us was the protector of cuba.
WHat were cons in anexing Phillipines?
-local resistance
-americans worried about dealing with new race
What wa the consequence of the annexation of the phillipines?
The phillipino war
What territory did US buy from russia?
Spheres Of Influence?
Devide the coast of china into ports?
Who worte a not to china saying they wanted all countries to be able to exploit china?
John Haye
What Influence did the US have in the Russians Japan?
they setlled the war in the portsman treaty that favored russia
Insular case?
Conquered people dont need american rights
Four acor act?
Puerto rico was an insular territory
who were the anit-imperialist?
-liberals: it went agaisnt americans views
-bussiness men: it was to expensive
WHo replaced President Mickinley?
Teddy roosivelt