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What was the poplist movement?
workers began to complain about working conditions and pay
were did the the populist movement start?
in the south and midwest
What was causing farmers economic insecurity?
-prices went down
-debt went up
-banks seized their land
-their was deflation
-interest rates up
-freight charges up
The populist party came from what alliance?
the farmers alliance
Who was the populist party for?
the little guys who owned farms
What did the main part of platform state?
-unlimited silver
-graduated income tax
-nat. gov. to run banks and railroads
How many hours did populist believe one should work in a day?
8 hours
Subtreasury plan?
Gov would hold grain for the farmers loan and the farmer would get a better interest rate
What was the Pullman strike?
all railroad groups striked
Why was president cleveland allowed to replace workers?
Because the strike effected the mail
What happened to coxeys strikers?
they got kicked out of DC
Why did urban workers not side with the populist?
Because they weeretn for highn food prices, instead they were for high tarrif and sub treasury had nothing to do with them
Why did they demonitize silver?
Non one was going to give the silver to make money with
When they demonitized silver what did the people say?
they called it a crime 73
How did they goc try to regulate the silver problem?
they put small quantities in circulation