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*1960 Greensboro, NC
- what happened?
- how did the others react to this incident?
- what was the result?
- what was this incident called and how did these people do it?
- four black students wanted to sit in the whites only lunch counter at woolworths; they wanted to be served.
- the whites freak out, store closes, then once it was opened again, the blacks came back
- woolsworth eventually serves them.
- it was called a sit-in; the blacks did this peacebly and followed MLK's ways.
- what did this org focus on?
- name two of the leaders
- what began to integrate?
- how long did sit-ins last?
- people who lived the rural life.
- Jesse Jackson & Stokley Carmichael
- swimming pools (swim-ins), churches (kneel-ins)
- 1960 - 1963
- name two women who helped with MLK's organization.
- who was ella?
- Fannie Lou Hammer and Ella Baker
- she was in the SLSC and NAACP
What did Anne Moody and her students do in 1963?
they had a sit-in in jackson, ms.
*Students for a democratic society (1960)
- what did they focus on?
- what did they do for the neighborhoods?
- black ghettos in north cities and did community organizing.
- they picked up litter, escorting the elderly, and tutored kids and held meetings.
- describe Nixon.
- describe Kennedy.
- what was special about this election? and what did ppl think about the radio and tv debate?
- who won the pres. election?
- HUAC, in charge of Alger Hiss case, was VP under eisenhower.
- youngest who ran for president, smart, first catholic
candidate to run, from MA.
- the first pres. debate was aired and on radio too.
- ppl who listened to them on radio thought nixon won while those who saw them on tv thought kennedy won
- JFK!
*who became president after JFK?
*Lyndon B. Johnson bc JFK got assasinated by John Oswald
*Describe how JFK's presidency was like.
- how did he feel about civil rights?
- he was for civil rights but couldn't do much since the south was against it.
*Foreign Crisis:
- what was the biggest disaster during JFK's presidency?
- after WWII, West Germany and East Germany was divided but in 1961 the wall was made.
- ppl who hated Castro were going to secretly go to cuba to invade it hoping that the cuban citizens will respect them and it turned out bad bc they landed in the wrong bay and had the wrong supplies.
- USSR's Khruschev had a misslie base in cuba; JFK decided to make it out in the open and USSR ships came and US ship almost fired each other but USSR changed their mind and destroyed missiles.
*What did JFK establish in 1961?
- describe it.
*The Peace Corps
- ppl would voulenteer to go to 3rd world countries to help others.
- What were "freedom rides"
- explain what ppl would do in these freedom rides.
- what was the result of the people taking action in the freedom rides?
- who was blamed for the freedom rides?
- what did the federal law say about all this?
- bus desegration..focused on interstate transportation; occured in 1961
- they would sit whereever they pleased
- sometimes they would be beaten, mobs would start
- cops blamed CORE for causing a scene
-the federal law said they can sit wherever they want.
*Who was James Meredith?
*What did they decide to do with this incident?
*What was the court's result?
*What did Meredith end up doing?
*he was an air force veteran and wanted to use his G.I. loan to attend Ole Miss; he got turned down bc of his race.
*Decided to take this case to fed. crt.; the fed. crt agreed with Meredith.
*Gov. Barnett wanted to reject the court's ruling but he wasn't capable of doing so; Kennedy sent 400 federal marshalls to protect Meredith ..two die and some get hurt.
*He ended up attending Ole Miss and he got his degree
- what happened?
- what did george wallace do?
- what did kennedy do?
- two black kids wanted to enroll and did not have force of the federal court behind them but they got a supreme court order
- he stood by the door so students couldn't come in
- he sent federal marshalls to protect kids and let them go to school.
- What happened?
- who was against this plan?
- what happened to MLK?
- MLK and SCLC tried to hold a civil rights march
- Police commissioner "Bull" Connor ...cops brought clubs, dogs, and hoses.
- he went to jail and he thought he was going to be killed so he wrote a letter.
- who was he?
- what happened to him?
- was leader in MS of the NAACP and was Anne Moody's mentor
- June 1963 he was shot dead
*What speech does JFK give?
- what did he promise?
*about civil rights
- a civil rights act
- what happens during this time?
- JFK is finally praised for taking a stand and MLK gives his "I have a dream" speech.
*BIRMINGHAM,AL, Sept. 1963.
- name the incident that happened with the baptist church
- whites blew up church while kids were having their sunday school; four girls died.
- who was he before he became pres?
- what action did he take while he was pres.?
- VP; took over since JFK got assassinated
- he wanted the civil rights act to be active; policy was to outlaw descrimination in public facilities.
- what was it?
- why was "sex" added in the EEO?
- what happened to the act?
- TITLE VII = was about employment; no discrim. in workplace (race, color, religion, national origin, and sex.)
- some say it was bc congressman, howard smith put sex in the civil rts act so it can fail bc ppl will get consfused when voting; others say he did it to be a gentleman.
- the act passed
*what did the civil rights act allow goverment to do?
* it allowed them to bring suit against schools for segregation.
*what did LBJ establish?
- name the first sub org. that was under the act.
- second?
- third?
*the economic opportunites act.
- HEAD START = was for preschoolers to catch up on edu.; new show called sesame street was created for kids to learn about numbers, letters, etc.
- UPWARD BOUND = purpose was to get highschool kids ready for college
- Volunteers in service to america = domestic peace corps
- what did SNCC form in the summer of 64?
- what was the purpose of this group?
- what did it do to the college population?
- what did SNCC manage to do about this?
- what horrible thing happened with SNCC while they were doing their new thing?
- formed freedom summer
- wanted ppl to come and vote in MS since not many blacks voted there
- it radicalized it
- they got a few ppl to register
- 3 SNCC's were killed from some violent outbreak (they were voulnteering around college campuses).
- what happened?
- what did BERKELEY get rid of?
- what was the issue in CA?
- what was this end result called?
- SNCC came there and got students to protest against discrimination in businesses
- their organization tables so the protests can stop.
- business in CA were discriminating against ppl of a different color so faculty took a vote and voted in favor of the students
- free speech movement; in the end everyone liked this movement.
- what events were big during this time?
- how were ppl's attitudes?
- birth control, music, art, protests
- they were rebelling and non conformists
ELECTION of 1964
- who ran?
- what was a controversy during the campaign?
- who won presidency?
- LBJ & Barry Goldwater
- a commercial against goldwater was aired showing a girl picking daisy pedals and then finally she blew up be a nuclear bomb; purpose: for ppl to vote LBJ
- what did MLK want to do?
- what did he want from govt?
- what happened once the ppl arrived to montgomery?
- what happened after the march?
- so what happened with the voting rights act after all?
- MS, 1964 under __% were registered to vote
- in '65 what was established?
- in '68?
- he wanted to march and convince congress that everyone should be able to vote; march took place from Selma to Montgomery.
- he wanted to call for voting rights and pressure the govt.
- police started to beat them with clubs, teargas, dogs, hoses, weapons, etc...
- there was another one and it was one with blks and whites marching peacefully
- it finally went through; attorney general was to supervise voter registration in areas where fewer than 1/2 of minority residents were registered to vote.
- 7%
- the VRA
- almost 60% were reg. to vote
- what was the rule?
- result?
- large figures by hemisphere; abolished discriminatory quotas based on national origins
- huge influxes for latin americans (mexicans) and asians (vietnamese and koreans)
*What was significant about Pres. Johnson and the legislature?
* it had a first real revision of legislation since 1920s; there was a great deal of immigration including mexicans and asians
*what was johnson's proposal?
*what did the fed. gov. force?
*what did they extend aid to?
* sent to congress his proposal for 1.5 billion in federal aid to elementary and secondary edu.
*the fed. gov. forced integration or else they wouldn't get money.
*extended aid to "poverty-devised" school districts, regardless of their public or parochial character.
what eles did johnson try to improve during his presidency?
hwyways, environment, and public housing.
- last name was ___; what did he realize about his last name?
- what was his childhood like?
- who was his father?
- while most blacks were pushing for integration, some had the idea of what?
- little; he realised that it was a slave name
- he got in trouble alot
- marcus garvey
- idea to form separate black areas which is also called clustering.
- what was malcolm x interested in and who did he meet?
- who was elijah muhammad?
- Nation of Islam and he met Elijah Muhammad.
- was the leader; malcolm became muhammad's right hand man with his charismatic force.
- what did malcolm say about JFK's death?
- what was wrong with elijah?
- after his expulsion, what does X do?
- "the chickens coming home to roast" meaning violence was dispensed and came back to bite the US in the ass.
- he was fucking around with little girls (sounds like R. Kelly) and he got in a fight with X so muhammad expelled him from the nation of islam.
- he went to the middle east and was astonished by the integration of different kinds of people-- this gives him a slightly more positive view.
- how does the nation of islam feel about X when he returned?
- what happened to him when he was giving a speech?
- what were people starting to question after that?
- they believed that he was selling out and going soft.
- he went to go speak in harlem at the audobon ballroom and three men got out of the crowd and shot him.
- MLK's teachings.
- who might have started this phrase?
- what did the white memebers of SNCC do?
- what did CORE do?
- what did SDS change to?
- stokeley carmichael from SNCC.
- they were to work in white neighborhoods
- they dismissed the white members in 1966
- they went from being a black community and then they were an anti-vietnam war movement.
- what was occuring around 1965 to 67?
- how many ppl died in the WATTS RIOT?
- what happened during this riot?
- how many riots were there in 1967?
- what happened during the detriot riot?
- race riots.
- 35 people
- the police stopped some black ppl; an arguement started and there were five days of rioting; 4000 ppl were arrested.
- 125 major riots.
- it was the worst riot of the year. there was an illegal bar called the blind pig and police brought out the blacks...LBJ sent out tanks and 15000 fed. troops; 7000 ppl arrested and 77 died.
- who were the leaders?
- what was their purpose?
- what did they do for students?
- Huey Newton & Eldridge Cleaver
- they were willing to make alliance with all other radical groups of oppression; more forceful approach.
- they gave them free school breakfasts
- what devastating event happened in 1968?
- who was elaine brown?
- what other nice things did the black panthers do?
- MLK got assassinated.
- she wrote A TASTE OF POWER; a book about the panther mvment.
- they did community service projects such as free clinics, legal advice..
*Mexican Ams.
- what were they?
- how were they treated?
- who was ceasar chavez?
- what was his tactic?
- farm workers = located in the SW (esp. CA)
- they weren't treated like citizens, didn't have social security, no minimum wage, and they couldn't organize groups.
- him and others organized united farm workers
- a table grape boycott.
what were the two mexican orgs. formed?
- la raza and brown berets.
- in the 60s, where were they?
- AMERICAN INDIAN MVMENT...who were the leaders?
- what did this movement tried to do?
- what did they do in Alcatrez Island?
- still in reservations; they were in bad shape (poverty, alcoholism, not nuff fed. money)
- dennis banks and russel means
- tried to accomplish things on reservations
- they had a protest bc it used to be their land..had the Alcatrez jail but finally shut it down so they asked for the island but ended up not getting it.
*What was the PineRidge Res. Occupation?
- what was the agreement with this land?
- what was AIM called for?
- what did the sup. crt. offer to do in 1980?
- it was land that used to be a tribal cousel where crazy horse and sitting bull would go to.
- AIM decided to occupy it and they agreed to let the gates open so ppl can leave
- federal gov. to review violations of sioux treaties and region lost land.
- offered money to pay for the land that was taken but ppl said no.
- what were the two branches?
- describe the lib/mod fems.
- what did friedan say in her book?
- what org. did she create?
- who was involved in the leadership?
- what did kind of action did they want to take?
- liberal/ moderate feminists and radical/ left-wing fems.
- betty friedan wrote the feminine mystique and it critized fems. ideal
- women were happy as housewives; if they thought about getting a career, ppl thought they were crazy..she of course disagreed with all this bullshit
- National Org. for Women (NOW)..was pres. of org.
- older women who had experience of discrim bc of sex.
- they wanted job and legal rights
- who was ruth baderginsburg?
- who was the 1st?
- was a lawyer who eventually became the second female to the US Supreme Court.
- sandra day o'connor.
- what amend. came from the lib/mod. fems?
- describe it.
- did the amend. go through?
- the equal rights amend.
- woulda have guaranteed no discrim. based on sex
- amend. never went thru
-what did the radical/left wing fems do about this amend.?
- who was against the amend.?
- they started STOP ERA!
- Phyllis Schlafly and radical, left wing fems, they were not ready to let women and homos have same opportunities.
- where did the radical/left-wing fems come from?
- what were they like?
- SNCC and SDS
- younger crowd; more protest oriented; stage demonstrations
- this started out as a feminist "consciousness-raising" group; were for social causes and poli solutions..."the personal is political"; ppl got together to speak about issues such as spousal abuse, alcoholism with their hubbies.
- what did the femmies want to do?
- what case was famous around this time?
- what happened with miss am. in 1968?
- what happened to the radicals in the end?
- wanted to do something about the abortion laws so they arranged speak outs.
- roe v wade...hell yea!
- red stockings took the sheep to miss am. headquarters and put a crown on the sheep symbolizing the "perfect" woman.
- they joined NOW and changed it into a more radical mvment.
- describe vietnam at this time.
- what was the US involved in around the 50s?
- it was divided into north v. which had the gulf of tonkin and south v. had saigon...the 17th parallel was in between them.
- france but then the french leave in 1954.
- what did pres. johnson?
- he could take all necessary measures to protect the US (they were being fired at the gulf by north koreans..chinks.
- what did north korea decide to do?
- move south and no one on US side was prepared..oh shit.
name the five things that made 1968 a horrible year.
1) tet offensive
2) my lai massacre
3) MLK assassin.
4) robert kennedy assassin.
5) riots at demo. nat'l conference, chicago.
who did the repubs nominate..?
- what did this man want to do?
-nixon which was for law and order along with VP spiro agnes
- wanted to do the vietnamization to the war which was handing more and more of it to the south kors. to fight but bombing north kors. more ourseleves.
- name the five things this pres. did.
2)"detente" towards commies (cooling down)
3)"shuttle diplomacy" in mid. east -- negotiating small deals everywhere
4)Salt I treaty (disarming)
5)open diplomatic relations with the china
- describe how this happened?
- who is G. Gordon Liddy?
- what specific place did they break in?
- what happened to spiro?
- what was used wrong?
- ppl broke into democratic offices. they were a part of the special investigators unit -- partially made to look for leaks in nixon's cabinet which were nickmaked the "plumbers"

- he was one of the guys that is just everywhere now.
- Daniel Ellsberg's psychiatrist's office (before watergate) -- Dan was one of the "leaks"
- he resigned over tax evasion so the new VP is gerald ford
- govt agencies wrong -- CIA to tap citizens and sent IRS on his personal enemies.
how did this stupid ass get caught?
- congress subpeanas tapes that nixon had recorded in office, supreme court gets them and does find out that he did it so nixon resigns but ford pardons him when he finally becomes pres..the end!
- who won?
- what did he make?
- what was bad during his presidency?
- Carter
- camp david accords..he got Israel and Egypt to make an agreement with not going to war
- the economy
- who won?

who was the leader of the EEOC?
- the lovely ronald reagan and daddy bush.

- clarence thomas
- what did he propose?
- however, what did he spend the most money on?
- what was the scandal?
- who gets blamed?
- what did reagan have to say about this?
- daddy bush not ___; reagan said oliver n. __ and what?
- to reduce gov. spending such as edu, health issues, public housing..taxes went down.
- military; wanted to bring a fall on the USSR
- IRAN-CONTRA AFFAIR: US makes a deal with Iran..they want money and the release of return the US wanted to give IRAN weapons. Meanwhile they wanted to take the money and give it to the CONTRAS so they can be for the US.
- Oliver North; scheme improved by national security adivsors
- he didn't knwo about it..
- implicated; lied and didn't tell him
who won?
- what events occured during his time?
- what bad thing occured?
- describe the christian coalition
Daddy bush
- fall of berlin wall, the falling apart of the USSR
- savings and loan bail-out, money for fed. gov. to undo damage
- pat roberson gave money to bush to outlaw abortion, flag burning, gay marriage but he didnt do anything
- who was involved?
- what did they do to israel?
- why?
- HUSSEIN and irag
- huss. sent scud missiles to Israel and attacked them.
- they did it to them so they can react and get all the other arabs to attack israel.
clinton was pres and he wanted to improve med. care.