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Who were federalists?
George Washington, Benjamin Franklin
-more organized
-controlled press
Federalist Papers: John Jay and James Madison
Objections of Anti-federalists
-no annual elections for congressmen
-no bill of rights
-standing army
-federal stronghold
-omission of reference to god
-ratification by only 2/3 of states
Who were antifederalists?
-Samuel Adams, Patrick Henry, Richard Henry Lee
-backcountry farmers, not as educated
What were the 4 states that did not orgiginally vote to ratify the constitution?
-Rhode Island, New York, Virginia, and North Carolina
Article I: Legislative Department
Section 2: The House of Representatives-qualifications
-based on population
-elected biennially
-must be 25yrs, 7 years a citizen, and citizen of that state
ARticle I: Legislative
Section 3: Senate
-1/3 chosen every 2 years
-30yrs, nine years citizen, inhabitant of state representing
-pro-tempore when vice president isn't there
Article I
Section 7: Method of Making Laws
-Money bills must originate in the house
-the president's veto power, congress may override. If president vetos, bill goes back to house it originated from and 2/3 must vote, then goes to other house, and 2/3 must vote for it
Article I
Section 8: Powers of Congress
-lay and collect taxes
-borrow money
-regulate foreign and interstate trade
-establish postal service
-declare war
-maintain navy
-regulate army and navy
-makes laws for D. C. and other federal areas
Powers Denied to Federal Government:
-direct taxes must be apportioned according to pop.
-export taxes forbidden
-congress must not discriminate among states regulating commerce