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What could happen in a territory once the population reached 60,000?
it could apply to become a state(statehood)
Why couldn't states turn to Congress to resolve disputes among themselves?
no federal court system existed
Why did money(currency) become a problem under the Articles of Confederation?
no federal laws regulated the printing of paper money
Why couldn't Americans stand up for their international trade rights?
the federal government had limited powers
Whose permission would be necessary before the Articles of Confederation could be changed?
All 13 of the states
Why couldn't the Articles of Confederations pay its war debts?
it couldn't tax citizens
The ideas of republicanism made it possible for men from the working classes to hold public__________________for the first time.
Tell what Richard Allen did.
encouraged education for black people through his Methodist church
What was the Ordinance of 1785 supposed to do?
divide the Northwest Territory
___________became less important than ever as a qualification to hold office.
Religion(religious views)
Who could collect taxes under the Articles of Confederation?
Only the states could
What is the Continental Congress's plan for a central government called?
Articles of Confederation
Discuss the problems created under the Articles of Confederations.
1. money troubles, leading to debts that couldn't be paid 2.problems with Britain and Spain, who didn't have to respect a weak United States with no military power 3. The probability that 13 states so weakly united would become 13 independent nations
Under the new government who had the most power?
the states
Republicanism encouraged women to get _____________, so they could raise more intelligent children.
Who was appointed to govern the Northwest Territory?
A governor and 3 judges
What was forbidden in the Northwest Territory?
Define Republic
government in which chosen(elected) representatives make the laws
_____________became less tolerable as an institution in the more republican society.