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Reasons Why the US considered leaving its borders:
1) money--[economy] wanted new markets to sell things in; raw matierials
2) Spread Ideals--missionaries, spreading cultural ideals
"The Influence of Sea Power upon History"
by Alfred Mahan, 1890; studies naval history and realizes that a powerful navy is essential to a powerful country b/c w/o one the country is fairly immobile as far as cross-oceanic warfare is concerned
Issues we (the US) stick our noses in:
1) Venezuela
2) Hawaii
3) Cuba
Venezuela (as refered to previously) in "nosy americans" card...
disputed land between British Guiana and Venezuela, each thinks that their territory is a little larger than the other would like it to be, problem could have been resolved fairly peacefully, but gold was discovered on the land; Cleveland has to pick a side, decides to take a tough stand against colonization (Britain), backing himself up with the Monroe Doctrine—4 months later, Britain finally gets back to them that they don’t care, after all, G.B. has the biggest navy in the world; right as things are escalating, the Boer War gets off the ground, and the British had to deal with it, end up getting most of what they wanted in the end, but at least it’s handed diplomatically rather than by war
lucrative sugar, American businessmen don’t want to live with the governing powers of Hawaii (Queen Lil), and as they’re making more and more $, they go to congress to ask them to Annex it so that they don’t have to deal with her; also important because Pearl Harbor [(which we did lease)] would be a great way station between the U.S. and the pacific. Dragged out because it first reared its head under Cleveland’s term (who doesn’t like colonization)
Queen Lil
Queen of Hawaii
Cuba (see "nosy americans card for general significance)
notable in teh conflict were the Spanish...b/c they suck, and they were causing trouble in places where we had business interests Butcher Weyler, yellow journalism, Deputy De Lome and his letter, and the explosion of the USS Maine; "remember the Maine"; McKinnely's Ultimatum
Butcher Weyler
general sent into Cuba by the spanish when the Cubans started asking for thier independance; sets up concentration camps and supresses rights, whose presence politicians didn't like 90 mi away from FL
yellow journalism
the press elaborates on everything to sell more newspapers...
Deputy De Lome & the De Lome Letters
So De Lome is the Spanish Ambassador to the US, and he wrote a letter to his superiors saying that they should ignore the US's insistances that they sit down w/Cuba and talk things out--that McKinnely was just a bozo and the americans were all bark & no bite; the letter is intercepted and slapped on the front page of the newspapers, & while Spain could've appologized & pulled De Lome from office, they don't immediately-> bitch slap to US
USS Maine
an explosion on the USS Maine occures in Havana Harbor a few days after the De Lome Letter comes out; it was there b/c of US interests
in Cuba (econ.), in reality an accident, but US claimed it was an intentional threat and w/some of the finest bits
of yellow journalism ever to grace the papers, war looms on the horizon
1898-McKinnely's Ultimatum
so McKinnely gives Spain an ultimatum: back off or we'll declare war (& b/c of our proximity to Cuba we'll prob.
win); while the monarchy does
eventually back off, it takes
too long and war ensues; prez
really didn't hav a choix b/c
ppl wanted war and he faced impeachment if he didn't satisfy their desire for vengeance
Teller Ammendment
sends a message to the world as well as Cuba that US is not in this war to aquire territory, but to give Cuba her independance
Spanish American War
so yeah...that's wat this whole Brouhaha w/Cuba i recall
Assistant Secretary of the Navy
so Teddy R. is Assistant Sec.
of Navy when the Maine blows,
& Sec. of Navy is out of town
so he goes ahead & wires Commodore Dewey in Hong Kong to to take his fleet and go to the Philippines to crush the Spanish fleet; this is February, war isn’t declared until April, attack takes place in Manila Bay, May 1st
Manila Bay
Spanish fleet is bottled up and entirely destroyed-->
first big win for the US
rebel fighter leader in the philippines who worked with the US to get the Spanish out; when S. go in Aug., Aguinaldo wants the Americans
to go too and let the ppl run
the philippines on thier own
but US refuses and we hav to
catch him and put him away
Why does the US want to stick around the Philippines for an inordinate amount of time?
it has a fantastic location out in the Pacific, an economic base for China and Taiwan
US Annexation of Hawaii
b/c the Philippines are so far away, the US annexes Hawaii as a pit-stop place in July, 1898; residents are given US citizenship in 1900
Gen. William Shafter
(the fat guy they had to carry around on a door)
Head of Operations for the army (we're talking abt Cuba again); our army sucked & we were really unprepared
Rough Riders
While Teddy R. did the recruiting, he was not actually in charge of it. Col
Leonard Wood was, but TR was heavily involved
Col. Leonard Wood
Leader of the Rough Riders
San Juan Hill
famous charge made by the Rough Riders, the Spanish took a ton of casualties
US army struggled w/tropical diseases, food and sanitation probs., tho at least we were able to find the kinks we needed to work out
So the Spanish Surrender...
they give up Cuba, Guam, Puerto Rico and the Philippines, the latter of which was bought for $20 mil
Anti-Imperialist League
Society is pissy b/c now we've become imperialist; thier main goal is to convince the Senate not to ratify the treaty between Spain and the US (2/3 vote)
William Jennings Bryan
leading spokesman against imperialism (his issue to run
on during the coming election
) in reality, to have this issue the treaty must be ratified so he supports it, then claims that he had no choice if he wanted to end the war
Foraker Act
1902, all Puerto Ricans can have limited self-government;
given citizenship in 1917, beginning relations w/P.R. and US
Platt Amendment
1902, said that the Cubans were going to control thier own lives, but promise that they won't fall into debt w/other countries, giving US
an open invitation to come in
at any hint of civil unrest