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andrew carnegie?
steel king
gospel of wealth?
its a sin to die rich
Mon vs Illinois?
cort said state can regulate interstate commerce
Waw Bash?
no states can regulate interstate commerce
What law did illinois pass for the working people?
you cant restrict how much people
What was congress not allowed doing that created a monopoly?
they were only allowed to regulate commerce and not manufacturing
Sherman anti-trust act?
it promoted competition by prohibiting strikes
Locker vs New York
congress couldnt interfere with contracts,there employers can make workers work more hours
what was carnegies empire called?
Who was carnegies manager?
Who was there major competitor?
Ducains Works
How was frik effective in his first year?
their profits doubled
What was the railroad strike?
-strikers in Pitsburg destroyed railroads
-bomb in chicago=polie open fire
Was carnegie for a union?
What was fricks views on labor?
that it was a comodity not a right
Why was frick was frick mad about the strike at homestead?
Carnegie made him setlle the strike
What was frick famous for doing?
He locked at a 1100 men
What did the workers of homestead believe?
They believed that because they worked there they were intitled to land
Who did frick hire for times of strikes?
He created his own Pickerton police
who is Mcluckey?
head of workers at Homestead
What happen to the pickertons during the strike?
they were forced to surrender
How did the governor of pensylvania help the strike>
he sent militia
Why was Canegie a backstaber?
He told frick to brake up the Union, the made an annoucement saying he was for the Union, and ran to scottland