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American Revolution lasted from
olive branch petition
asked congress to eliminate all government from the past 12 years; create an army; create currency
Declaration of independence expressed
the justification of the rebellion; and identified specific attacks on their rights by King George
Paine' Common Sense said
we shouldnt expect the British gov't to respect our freedom; opposed to creating a "new" gov't; and a island(England) cant rule a continent(America)
Montesquieu-Spirit of the laws said
argued that Republics only work when there is a small territory
military and political needs included
army, revenue, instruments of gov't and the debate over allies
Treaty of Paris
b/t colonies and british
included independence, land b/t App. mts. and Miss. river, loyalists were compensated for the land that was lost
Articles of Confederation ratified
when all states surrender claims to western lands
"The Critical Era"
named by John W. Fiske
saw the new republic nearly fall apart for reasons including no strong central gov't
New Burgh Conspiracy
soldiers wanted a military dictatorship b/c they did not get paid
Land Ordinance of 1785
all land was to be divided into townships; and part o it was to be reserved for public education
North West Ordinance of 1787
established procedures for entry of new states; all states have equal rights as original 13; 5000 for legislature, 60,000 for state
Shay's rebellion
daniel shay leads; caused by raising of taxes on land or it will be taken; defeated
Annapolis Convention
-1786; agreed that national gov't was too weak to protect them; "amend" the Articles but really want to change
Constitutional Convention
(may- early sep); only eleven states came; 39/55 signed
Virginia Plan
presented by James Madison; 3 branches; taxation; commerce; foreign policy; domination by big states
New Jersey
presented by Patterson; each state has one vote
Great Compromise
2 houses: lower-House of Reps; upper-Senate
3/5 Compromise
every slave= 3/5 of a white male
the constitution did not include
political parties; acquiring new land; or state seccession
Federalists Papers
paper to get Federalists to approve of the Constitution
Bill of Rights
(10) went from Madison(200) to House(80) to Senate(20) to states (12)